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Hulk Hogan Understands WWE’s Call To Erase His Wrestling History

It’s been an embarrassing and rewarding few weeks for Hulk Hogan. He won his lawsuit against Gawker for leaking his sex tape online where he made racist remarks and won over $125 million dollars. With the court case behind him, people are wondering if a WWE return is in the works.

“Not at this point,” said Hogan to FOX 411. “Wrestling has always been my life, and the whole thing was erased and taken from me. I have nothing but respect for the whole crew that runs WWE. I understand they had to do what was best for business in this case.”

Once news broke over the summer about the comments, WWE released Hogan and removed him from all current and future projects. There have been rumors Hogan could return to WWE during the summer. The WWE hasn’t commented since Hogan was let go.

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  • Lemmy Is God

    That’s horseshit, Hulk Hogan was a huge asset to the wrestling industry. Wwe needed someone and he took the ball and ran with it…..I don’t care if he goes on a killing spree, you don’t/can’t erase Hulk Hogan

  • Barooq Kidd #POP

    WWE can’t really erase his history because that’s impossible but they can end all association with outside of wrestling…

  • jcice13

    come on guys you know what he means about being erased…….

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