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Hulk Hogan Wants To Return To WWE

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As noted, Hulk Hogan sued Gawker after they released sex tapes that included himself and Bubba The Love Sponge’s then-wife Heather Clem. The case went to trial, and the jury awarded Hogan $115 million in damages.

Hollywood Life reports that Hogan would love to return to WWE now that his lawsuit with Gawker is over.

“Hulk Hogan is beyond pleased with the results and is looking to get his life back in order,” a¬†source told Hollywood Life. “And he would love his job back with the WWE.”

Hogan was released from WWE in July of 2015 after racist comments were released from one of his secret sex tapes. All mention of Hogan were removed from and the WWE Network when he was released.

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  • jcice13

    this guy just can’t stop.just take your 141 mil and go away

    • Joseph Lisnow

      after legal fees and debt, he won’t have that much $$$.

      • AuctionPicker

        at least he’s got all that blender money to fall back on

      • jcice13

        after it’s all said and done he should easily have 35-45 million.. good for you that’s not enough in your world

      • countyboy98



    The day Hulk Hogan returns to WWE,will be the day HOAK KOGAAN returns to WNZ.

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