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Hulk Hogan’s Agent on WWE2K14 Deal

Hulk Hogan’s longtime agent, Peter Young, recently told that neither he nor his client signed off on Hogan’s appearance in the upcoming WWE2K14 video game.

Young says that Hogan struck a deal with THQ in 2008 for Hogan to appear in a WWE video game. He also stated that 2K Sports had a renewal option on Hogan’s old contract, which was acquired as part of their purchase of the WWE video game license when THQ filed for bankruptcy.

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  • Rg41982

    Who cares? We all gonna play any way.

    • stevewiser

      Not me. WWE games are fun for about 10 minutes. For me they have no replay value.

      • Macho Man

        ???? Then why are you reading about it????

        • stevewiser

          Because I’m drunk.

  • bill

    bet he takes the checks that come

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