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Update On Hulk Hogan’s Restaurant Possibly Being Closed

Update: We have received word that the restaurant has not closed, but it’s being re-branded and Hulk Hogan is no longer associated with the restaurant.

Original: Hulk Hogan’s restaurant (Hogan’s Beach) shut down its website on Friday. The restaurant has not closed and is still operational.


By looking online, the restaurant had mixed reviews from customer who have visited the restaurant in the past.

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  • Fat Owens Fat

    Oh this reminds me, didn’t Hogan get into a controversy here for discriminating against some people with a sign that said people wearing some kind of clothes aren’t allowed inside?

    • Matt G

      I remember that, good call

      • Fat Owens Fat

        yeah. It was baggy pants and the whole ghetto clothes not being approved i think. And yet people close to him swear that he’s no racist.

        • Quote the Ravens, nevermore…

          In his defense (I know, I’m ashamed), there are many clubs, bars and restaurants that follow the same dress code. No baggy pants, wife beater shirts, sometimes t-shirts, etc.


    The clan meetings will just be moved somewhere else lol jk

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