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Important Dates for CM Punk as WWE Champion – Will He Pass Cena?

– As of today, WWE Champion CM Punk has held the title for 343 days. Courtesy of Ken, here are some upcoming milestones for Punk if he can hang onto the title tonight:

* If Punk makes it to November 12th as WWE Champion, he will tie Kevin Nash for the 9th longest reign in WWE history at 351 days. Punk would have to make it to the go-home edition of RAW before Survivor Series and leaving RAW that night will put him into #9 by himself.

* If Punk goes into Survivor Series on November 18th as WWE Champion, he will tie Hulk Hogan for the 8th longest reign in WWE history at 364 days. If Punk retains his title at Survivor Series, he will be in 8th place by himself.

* If Punk makes it through November 25th, he will pass Randy Savage and place #7 on the list, at 371 days.

* Punk will tie John Cena for the 6th longest reign in WWE history with 380 days if he can make it to December 4th with the title. Making it through the December 4th SmackDown taping with the title will put Punk on the list at #6 by himself.

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  • Lisa

    That would be an absolute disaster if it happens. A sewer rat becoming the sixth longest reigning WWE champ in history? That would downgrade the title to the lowest of lows. Just the thought of it makes me wanna puke. Damn that asshole.

  • EC

    CM Punk vs Lisa. Who’s the bigger asshole?

  • Mike

    Lol, I love how trolltastic Lisa is.

  • State-Puff

    @Lisa, I don’t understand how having someone who can actually wrestle hold the wwe title can downgrade it. You do know that wwe is scripted, right?

  • sdd619

    Well i’m a CM Punk fan & if he gets it he deserves it

  • Chelsii.

    Looks like CM Punk is gonna be the 6th longest reigning champion when he gets to the Royal Rumble.

  • Mick

    Punk as the 6th longest reigning WWE champion in the near 50 year history of that title? That’s how you make modern history.

  • Lisa

    State-Puff, are you fucking kidding me? That is the most stupid question I have ever been asked. You should be ashamed of yourself you moron.

  • Chelsii.

    We’ve already established Lisa hates Wrestlers and loves Clowns.

  • Kayfabe fan

    I’ll still be butt hurt if they made punk drop the title to mr. Hollywood

  • RKO


  • RKO

    CM Punk is The Best in The World!!!!

    Lisa is The Best SLUT in The World!!!!

  • The Boy

    ^ i don’t know about the best, easiest maybe but not the best.

  • RKO

    @The Boy

    Sorry I meant to say Lisa The Biggest Slut in The World lol

  • RCmaster305

    if punk really does make it to the rumble and becomes 6th longest reigning wwe champion then that is first class hall of fame worthy i just pray wwe dosent fuck it up by having him drop it to ryback tonight

  • The Boy

    I think having one of the longest reigns in history is more impressive than having multiple title reigns. You could have ten title reigns and if the longest one only lasts three months, that isn’t impressive to me. As much as i like The Rock, CM Punk shouldn’t lose the title to him just to win it back at WM. CM Punks’ reign should atleast be in the top five of all time, if not higher.

  • Mick

    It’s impossible for anybody to touch Hogan’s first WWE title reign, Backlund’s first title reign, and Bruno Sammartino’s two title reigns. That being said, the highest Punk can go, is 5th place, right?

  • Lisa

    CM Punk ass kissers at their very best. I am gonna love it when that sewer rat drops the WWE title TONIGHT. Yeah, you got that right. TONIGHT

  • The Boy

    So I did a little research and if CM Punk is going to retire in a couple years and if he keeps the belt til then (which may or may not happen) some of those title reigns are out of his reach. A couple of those title reigns will never be surpassed.

  • State-Puff

    @Lisa, since you obviously know nothing about professional wrestling, you should just leave.

  • Bad News Bro

    @Lisa – Again, it has nothing to do with being a CM Punk ass-kisser. To deny Punk’s talent is equivalent to denying Cena’s work ethic. If there’s just something about Punk that you don’t like, that’s fine. The “Cena can’t wrestle” thing is thrown around a lot, but really it’s not true. He’s not as good as guys like Punk or Bryan, in my opinion, but the guy can still go. My reasoning for not liking him, and deep down is the reason most of his haters don’t like him, is simply just that he just doesn’t click with some people, including me. I have nothing against the guy, Cena’s just not my cup of tea. The reason it snowballs into hatred for a lot of people is because you can only take so much of someone that you’re just “meh” about being on top for so long. If you would phrase your grievances with Punk being THE guy similar to how I just stated my grievances with Cena having that spot, not many people would bitch at you. Because it’d be a fair opinion. Instead you resort to personal attacks, undermining his talent, and insulting everyone that disagrees with you. Unlike most, I don’t believe you’re a troll (you come here WAYYY too much to be one), but it’s evident that you love getting a rise out of people, and thus it’s likely that you’re not going to think about anything that I just said and will persist to bash and whine. Worth a shot, though.

    @Mick – And by the way, unfortunately, 6th is the furthest Punk can possibly go. Pedro Morales holds the #5 spot with a reign of 1,027 days. And that cannot happen with ANYONE in this day and age.

  • rob

    My God this bitch Lisa is such a fucking retarded god damn stupid fucking cuntbag

  • Rybork Laserback

    If he does face Rock at Royal Rumble, he will accomplish all of those and become the lognest champion in the last 25 years (Unless they make him lose the title and win it again). I personally can’t wait, he single handedly made WWE interesting again after MITB last year, and is the best mic worker/ring worker WWE has seen in a while, he deserves it. Also his reign has been a ‘year’ long and yet i barely see anyone complaining that it was too ‘predictable’. Every PPV it has been unpredictable whether Punk will win or lose, despite the really long reign, he still knows how to entertain cause he is that good.

    Also chances are he will even beat Rock. Everyone knows Rock has a busy schedule and won’t be able to appear on Raw every week from RR, let alone defend it inside Elimination Chamber. So yeah Punk will win in some screwjob type finish i’m guessing.

    I just really hope they don’t make him lose it to Ryback or Cena just to make him win it again. I have a feeling they might do this just because they don’t want to put him that high in the list. I would keep him champion because right now no else needs it, its too early for Ryback, completely useless for Cena, and not Rock cause the WWE Champion needs to be there every week. Punk is the best option and he deserves it.

  • Christian

    @chelsii. Punk is not going to have 6 longest reign as he is going to have 3rd longest reign bcoz he is going to wrestlemania with wwe title

  • rob

    @Christian How the fuck is CM Punk going to have the third longest reign by wrestlemania? He would need 1000+ days as champion and he is only at 343.

  • SDotC

    I will readily accept Punk losing the title to Rock if he holds onto it through Hell in a Cell and all the way until the Royal Rumble. It may actually be good to get him away from the title, especially if he’s to turn babyface anytime in the foreseeable future. Think about Cena…he’s been away from the belt for so long now that if he beats Rock for the title at Mania, no one is going to bitch about it. We’ll be thinking “well, it’s about time”…And for Punk to lose it to Rock, that’s like him losing it to Austin or Undertaker…it doesn’t make him look any weaker if you view it as just a further establishment of the legend. Plus, we all know Rock + WWE Title = $$$ and prestige to the title, as well as a huge perk for Punk to even say he wrestled arguably the most famous wrestler of all time in a time when Rock has very few opponents left in him, win, lose or draw.

    In my opinion, you keep the title on him until the Rumble, let the Rock carry it til Mania and try something different for Punk. It’s not like he can’t get it again. That’s best for everyone.

  • andrew

    Lisa is so fucking stupid, and annoying. I wouldn’t even use her mouth to shoot my load in.

  • Jeff woods

    Well, as much as I don’t want to see CM Punk lose the WWE title to The Rock, I do understand… others I’d understand losing it to include Undertaker, Randy Orton, John Cena, Big Show, Dolph Ziggler (if he cashes it in tonight after his match w Ryback), Jerry Lawler, Great Khali (think size),Kane, HHH, William Regal & Christian… losing it to anyone else right now would be a disgrace to the title…

  • Christian

    @rob actually i didnt knew 5th longest reign is of 1000 days
    anyway he wil cross the 500 day mark easily and put ober daniel bryan at wrestlemania

  • Z…..

    I’ll say it again. @ Lisa earlier you said you didnt want someone disgracing “the most prestigious title in pro wrestling.” then you say that you dont care who the champion is, even if its a joke character, as long as its not punk. well, the people that you say you would rather see as champion, disgrace that title, whether or not you want to admit it. Punk isnt the greatest technical wrestler or in ring worker in the company, but he is so far beyond the people you have mentioned (Cena, Ryback) that its not even close. Add the fact that on the mic and portraying whatever character he needs to, he is arguable the best in the company, and you have the reason why he is the current only person around the main event scene who should hold that title. Your claim is that he is an “asshole,” but if he was such an “asshole,” why would he be so willing to help everyone that he helps behind the scenes? Why would he be willing to help get ryback through this terrible situation by helping him look good every time they are out there together? Why would he care about explaining match sequencing? Why would he care how Ryback looks when he carries him to this main event match? In other words, your opinion is just as, if not way more flawed, than ours. We can back up our claims that John Cena’s character is garbage just like his in ring skills

  • RCmaster305

    Lisa how will you be able to see punk drop the title tonight if HIAC will be past your bed time

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