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WWE Star Returns from Injury at NXT Event

At tonight’s WWE NXT event Evan Bourne returned to defeat the former El Generico, Rami Sebei.

Bourne has been out of action for over a year. He was first suspended in January of 2012 for sixty days following his second violation of WWE’s Wellness Policy. Before he could return, Bourne injured his foot in a car accident in March of 2012.

Embedded in the video below is footage of his return at the NXT event.

  • Alpha_Omega

    Evan Bourne is finally back??! Gotta be CGI/a hologram surely???

  • YM5

    he said he was like a month away 2 weeks ago, but I guess things changed, good to see him back

  • Jason Todd

    How High can he get?

  • http://twitter.com/thecobra256 Stacey John

    Hope this leads to a Bourne-Kofi match at Wrestlemania

    • Twistnfate

      Don’t nobody have time for that

      • Hawkins


  • Y2J

    Air Bourne!

  • Rob


  • Sean Patrick

    Punk/Bryan/Rollins: Hey Generico, remember when you were the best wrestler not in WWE? Well, welcome to the company! See you in three years…

  • http://twitter.com/VampireVillan15 GN-0015

    So, is he Rami Sebei again? Not Sammy Motherfucking Sane?

  • Mandaloo

    He’s back!! I can’t wait to see him on Raw, I hope he’s used right though instead of coming on once every seven weeks to job to giants.