Interesting Comments from John Morrison and Jim Ross After RAW Last Night

- Both John Morrison and Jim Ross took to Twitter last night after RAW and shared some interesting comments. Here are some of their tweets:

John Morrison, who celebrated a birthday yesterday:

“Thoughts I had tonight during RAW tonight in Lafayette…Damn, I just got my ass kicked…

…I wonder if John Laurintis’s current promo work is any indication of his aptitude as a wrestler during past in ring endeavors…

…HHH says we work for the WWE universe. Hmmm, yup, I agree with that… I wonder if he’s going to mention my birthday… nope.

…If the WWE universe is paying our checks maybe the pay scale among us independent contractors should be a bit more evenly distributed…maybe forming a union is a good idea… all other entertainment and sporting entities have them…getting an individual health insurance policy after neck surgery is not easy…I wonder if HHH has an individual health insurance plan, or gets group coverage because he’s classified as an employee…

…Wait a minute, when did we nominate @wadebarrett to speak on our behalf? … haha, Barrett talks like a pirate…
I like chaos! If they all leave & I stay, maybe HHH & I could do 5 backstage segments, an in ring promo, and an hour match next week! who am I kidding, HHH is a narcissist. He doesn’t think I’m at his level- His main concern is positioning himself as the center of attention …maybe walking out will get HHH to realize he can’t do this alone, the WWE Universe wants to see different people in the mix…there’s a roster full of superstars that want chaos, that want the ball, that want to be on the road at every WWE event…

…the past is always afraid of the future… HHH’s ego is hungry. He’s got a steak dinner every Monday night- but if he thinks his ego’s gonna snack elsewhere; I’m gonna eat his lunch!”

Jim Ross:

“I gave my thoughts to about why I supported the team & my peers. When a ‘coach’ loses his locker room something as to be done. Sorry. I can handle the venom from some of you. Reluctantly did what I thought had to be done. 2nd thoughts? Of course. Nx wk’s OKC raw puzzling.

I feel o don’t have to defend myself for being brought back to Raw. Why did I ever leave? Did what I thought was right. Hated it nonetheless. Love the nay Sayers who curse me re: HHH ‘bringing me back.’ why did I leave raw? Exactly. I love HHH but he has to make changes. I won’t apologize for doing what I think is right. Getting my job back excuse doesn’t flush. Why was I removed in 1st place? Child please.

WWE is a cluster. Let’s wrestle, ok ? I leave & I’m a bad guy? Smarten up people. You lose locker room & things have 2 b addressed. Fix it.”

  • Jack_z

    Really John Morrison? You expect the company to mention your birthday? Okaaaay. So i guess to be fair, the company should mention everyone's bday right? Hahaha.

  • Korrander

    Amen John.

    Nothing like the owner's son in law moving aside and letting the young talent take the spotlight, right? The dude stands in the ring for ten solid minutes just to get a pop from the crowd to fill his already inflated ego…and pockets.

    Wasn't HHH one of the guys in the 90's who would make fun of the older wrestlers and complain about them not giving up their spot? Oh, how the tables have turned. Triple H is the new Flair.

    Was nice to see Punk put him in his place for a few weeks and be truthful about the backstage politics. Too bad it didn't last.

    'I listen to the WWE Universe.' Really? Well let Punk speak without a filter, cut the matches down in length (ugh, a painful 45 minute 12 man tag?), and drop this PG crap.


    I think triple H is doing a great job but there are some thing that the wwe need's to fix like the pg ,and the supper star's should had have no easy mach is like the strongest men going v air born that mach up is not right , and the lady super star's well the whole deviation needs work on .and I all so think that you should have a middle deviation like the old wwe had , and I all so think that there is a person that is working to hart triple H and how ever it is should be dealt with hard .

    • ACanadianMoment

      Child, please… Learn some basic fucking English and then comment. Good job, bad job, doesn't matter. He's not actually in control you mark! He's not doing a great job, because he's not doing the fucking job. As for the rest of your comment? Yes they need to bring back the cruiserweight division.

      • DoomsdayJustice

        Bring back cruiserweight or lightheavyweight title.

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