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Interesting New WWE Tag Team, Possible Big Feud for Lord Tensai and More

– As a reminder, Chris Jericho will be appearing on Jimmy Fallon tonight. Also, John Cena will be appearing on syndicated show The Chew today.

– WWE will experiment with Alberto Del Rio and Ricardo Rodriguez teaming together for the upcoming live event tour of Puerto Rico. Del Rio and Ricardo will be facing WWE Tag Team Champions Primo and Epico.

– As noted before, Matt “A-Train” Bloom is set to return to WWE in April as Lord Tensai and will reportedly be “pushed to the top.” Besides John Cena, WWE officials have also discussed having Tensai feud with Randy Orton. No word yet if Tensai will still come in as one of John Laurinaitis’ henchmen.

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  • Bad News Bro

    They should put Ricardo with Santino. He’s kind of become played out with Del Rio, and Santino could use a sidekick to bounce his jokes off of.

    Not to mention, Santino is a guy who will likely never hold a World Title in his career. But he is still money on the mid-card, and will need new ways to stay relevant. Giving him a manager who is also a trained wrestler to have brief stints in the tag division with would be one simple way of doing that.

    But, again, that’s just my opinion.

  • broski #1

    santino n brodus clay would be perfect santino could talk while clay does the wrestling

  • Rodge88

    I don’t think Clay and “wrestling” is appropriate in the same sentence. At least, not when they are one-move matches not even a minute long.

  • Erwin

    @Rodge88: I’d still take Clay over Khali any time any day.. at least his funkasaurus persona is entertaining..

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