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Will Cena Be Ready for WWE Hell In a Cell?, Latest Video from Santino

– Below is the latest episode of Santino Marella’s Foreign Exchange:

– John Cena says he will be ready to go at WWE Hell In a Cell. Cena tweeted today:

“Just finishing four hours of physical therapy. If @CMPunk chooses me @wwe ill be ready for #hellinacell”

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  • Kayfabe fan

    ” hey cena i’ll …. i’ll think about it “

  • Sean

    Why would wwe risk losing their ‘franchise’ star for possible another 6 months for 1 match with cm punk that we’ve seen countless times? Just give Ryback a chance, fans are buying into him and if they don’t want him to lose just have cm punk win by DQ making Ryback still undefeated and giving punk more heat.

  • rob

    Win / Win …. No Ryback in match and Cena will probably get injured

  • stone cold

    just hope brock comes back at hiac and do a f 5 to cena and let punk win the match.so we can a 5 0n 5 SS match.team paul heymen guys with punk and brock and maybe barret.vs team cena with hhh and rock and maybe orton.what do you guys think?PLEASE comment

  • rob

    ^^ Someone give this man a job at wwe creative

  • showoff

    just no. have cena do the match n have brock come out tear the cage door off make him look likie a monster n have him beat cena up n cm punk win n then have a survivor series match with cenas team vs punks team n make survivor series mean something again n then set it up for lesnar cena at wrestlemania n punk vs rock there too

  • Heisenberg

    Cena rest. Give others a chance. Give Ryback a chance. Ryback or riot

  • Joshua Shaver

    I got one match better, because CM Punk will insult Vince beyond all doubt and Punk chooses Cena…McMahon makes Ryback vs. Punk in Main Event….Ryback wins via DQ or CountOut….

    Vince McMahon makes it Cena vs. Ryback vs. Punk in Triple Threat Hell in a Cell Match for the WWE Title….

    This allows Cena torest during the match when he can and Ryback can display whether is is ready to be the main event caliber needed

  • E Batista

    Does anyone realize that the championship matches at HIC are usually an actual HIC match ?? that means no pin falls and no DQ. so Im curious if they will end Rybacks Streak ore give him the belt and both sound like a problem ..and If WWE doesnt give us the cage match then why call it that ??

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