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Is Edge Still Under Contract To WWE?, Reaction To Nash’s Comments, Hardy

– To put a rumor to rest, Edge is not under contract to WWE in any matter—not even a “Legends” deal. He is only scheduled to appear for House of Hardcore’s debut event on Saturday, October 6 in Poughkeepsie, New York (information), and the following day in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (at Dave and Busters restaurant located at 325 North Columbus Boulevard) for an autograph signing with Tommy Dreamer. According to, the WWE Hall of Famer is very content to sit at home and relax after retiring from the squared circle.

– Smith Hart, brother of WWE Hall of Famer Bret Hart, weighed in on Kevin Nash’s remarks dismissing Chris Benoit and Eddie Guerrero as world champions due to their relatively small stature. He tweeted, “I can understand where Kevin Nash is coming from, but I wonder where Shawn Michaels and X-pac fit into his theory.”

– According to, former WWE Superstar Matt Hardy will appear at Body Designs 1755 Sunrise Highway Bay Shore, New York on Friday, August 17 from 6:00 to 8:00 p.m.


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  • kyle

    x-pac wasn’t a world champion

  • SamoaJoeFTW

    @ kyle : I think he was refering to the two of them as Nash’s buddies and infamous ‘Clique’ members – even if X-Pac was technically never one of them.

    That said Nash is a PoS – i used to like him as Diesel but now he is just bitter that his career is over and tries to hog the spotlight with shit like this – in his mind 6’8″ is too small…

    Ignoring Benoit’s problem and the terrible events surrounding his death, Eddie G and he were two of the ALL TIME greats – up there with the Shawn Michaels’ of the wrestling world easily, and both had more talent and entertained more on their worst day then Nash did in just about his whole career – yeah Nash was part of nWo the greatest story ever to occur in pro-wrestling, but that would have been awesome without him, he was in the right place at the right time.

    In contrast, Eddie and Chris were never given anything but clawed their way to the top by putting on great match after great match and making their characters worth watching and worth being main-event talent.

  • Chelsii.

    Funny, as much as I don’t like Shawn Michaels… I wonder if he considers his best friend among the ranks “Vanilla Midgets”?

    Fuck, Nash-Bitter that you could never be the caliber of WWE champion that Michaels was?

  • Alejandro

    @Kyle: Yeah but what Smith Hart was saying what would have happened if X-Pac was a world champion. Would Kevin Nash say that X-Pac killed the wrestling business because he was given a push to become a world champion.

  • Chelsii.

    I meant literally I want to fuck Nash. Ummmm tasty grey balls.

  • Big Nic

    @Chelsii please explain why you do not like Shawn Michaels. S/N everyone in the Kliq had a title.

  • Chelsii.

    Too girly for me. I like real men.

  • Chelsii.

    Are you still going troll? You still showing how much of a loser you are? Why can’t you just drop it now, no one CARES!

  • Fritz

    Did Nash dope himself to death? Nope, WINNER!

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