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Is John Cena Broke?, Confusion Over the Future of FCW Arena TV Tapings

– It’s been reported that the final FCW TV tapings from the FCW Arena in Tampa, Florida will take place this Thursday night with Jim Ross announcing, William Regal vs. Dean Ambrose and more.

The official FCW website lists no FCW Arena show for June 14th but lists a show at 7pm for the following week, June 21st. Hopefully we will have some kind of official word soon.

– Regarding TMZ’s report on John Cena’s $100,000 lien on his home, it should be noted that Cena is not broke. This $100,000 lien and the $15,000 lien from earlier this year likely comes from someone close to him, a family member or his wife perhaps, just not staying on top of bills and getting everything paid. The odds that the face of WWE is broke are very slim.

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