Is Punk Too Small To Face Lesnar?, Ziggler On Rock Comment

– CM Punk has been mentioned as a potential opponent for Brock Lesnar but there is concern among WWE officials as to whether it would be an equal match-up due to their difference in size. Lesnar is seen as a “beast” whereas Punk is considered relatively skinny for a top level WWE Superstar. Furthermore, management wants Lesnar’s programs to be box office bonanzas and Punk is seen at best fifth in the pecking order, behind The Rock, John Cena, Triple H and Undertaker. There is also concern over Punk’s appearance backstage; he has been described as walking around looking like he just walked out of a car accident. Officials notice this as he often walks around backstage with a heat pack or an ice pack in tow and generally looks beaten and battered.

– Dolph Ziggler appeared to take a passive aggressive shot at Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson over The Great One’s limited schedule with WWE last week via Twitter. A user wrote to the WWE Superstar, “Couldn’t decide which flexforce WWE figure to buy between your action figure and @therock ‘s.. chose the rock in the end!” Ziggler responded, “Typical, just make sure you only play with it 4-5 times a year….” Ziggler addressed his remarks gaining attention on wrestling news websites.

“glad my #ATH session where i answer 200 questions while on a treadmill took 1 of my 100 jokes & made it “news” #getoverit,” Ziggler wrote. He added in a separate post that he thought his comment was pretty funny and those upset should get a sense of humor.

source: Pro Wrestling Torch

  • http://deleted Jeff

    are they serious? Equal match up due to size differences? In that case Big Show, Mark Henry and The Great Khali shouldn’t be wrestling a majority of the roster. Come on now, Mysterio is what a buck 75 and he’s a former world champion

  • SoberDragon1st

    Brock vs Punk could be a great thing to happen. The title of the match sounds great. Two Mixed Martial Artists battling it out in a wrestling ring.

    In a way, I see what the WWE is saying. Brock and Punk are both Mixed Martial Artists. Brock is in a higher weight class than Punk. If they choose to fight each other in an MMA style, Broc’s hits wll obviously be harder and more effective.

    Come on though, WWE, this is WWE. Book it for CM Punk to be the underdog that is overlooked.

  • John Doe

    It’s ridiculous how Punk is being frowned upon for looking ‘beat up’.
    He’s the fucking champion, for crying out loud.
    The fact that he looks ‘beaten up’ should demonstrate how hard he is working.

    WWE ‘officials’ are a joke. The entire landscape backstage at WWE sounds like a snake pit.

  • DanSaint

    I’m not that upset with the “looks beat up” comment and think many of you might be reading too much into it. I think it means they are worried that eventually they are gonna need to give Punk some days off the rest up these injuries and a program with Lesnar will have to be week in and week out on fire. Will his body be able to hold up if he has these lingering injuries. I don’t think it’s a slam at all toward Punk…just natural concern.

  • unknown

    first off i think wwe officals are still a little so and so on punk. there so far up cena’s and orton’s ass that they cant see the new talent thats way better then the talent of 10 years ago imo

  • Kiran

    Punk Vs. Cena worked fine last year and if Cena isnt considered a ‘beast’ then I dont know what is.

  • Launs

    Well, Punk could easily outwrestle Brock in a wrestling match.

  • Rodge88

    He sure gave a Big Show when he was with SES, so why wouldn’t he be able to work with Lesnar?

  • That1GuyUknow

    Lesnar vs Punk wwe title at survivor series

  • anonymous

    your site WILL be SHUT DOWN!!!!

    this site is a FUCKING travesty to pro wrestling!!! and it’s making all other wrestling sites look bad!!!


    THIS ARTICLE IS FALSE!!!! check the other sites and they will tell you that this shit is false!!! even CM PUNK says it’s false!!!! WNZ IS GONNA BE SHUT DOWN!!!!!!

    when you least expect it!!!!


    • Marc Middleton

      ^^^ Donnie Brooks, everybody.

  • GunShark

    @ Marc Middleton:
    Yep, it’s pretty obvious. He REALLY needs to get back on his meds, before the men in white coats come take him away again. Last time, they caught him sexually assaulting the bedpans in an old folks’ home. So sad.

  • Joseph

    I would love to see Punk vs Lesnar. Why not have these 2 in a great wrestling match instead of Cena being involved in every single storyline and bringing nothing new to the table? Punk looks beat up because he actually tries to have a great match. Unlike Cena who has had virtually the same match for the last 7 years.

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