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Jack Swagger On Wanting To Wrestle Kurt Angle And WWE

WWE star Jack Swagger spoke with TheSportBible.com while in the UK last week. Here are the highlights.

On who he wants to wrestle:

“I recently met Kurt Angle. We were in Pittsburgh and I was working out with R-Truth and Kurt was in the same gym. So Truth knows him, and he told him I was here and wanted to meet him. It was just before he did the match at that event with Mysterio with all the boxing and MMA fights on the card (laughs). When I first started watching wrestling, he was the guy I watched ‘cos he was an amateur and an Olympian, and that’s why I watch wrestling, for the technical aspect so yeah, I’d choose Kurt Angle.”

On what he would’ve done for work if he didn’t become a WWE star:

“A banker. Or a ‘banker wanker’ as you guys like to call it (laughs)! I just got my masters in business, so it’s 10 more years of wrestling and then, I dunno, interest rates I guess (laughs).”

On a future WrestleMania being held in the UK: 

I’d say it’s a case of not if, but when. When WrestleMania goes international the first place we’ve got to go is the UK, definitely. It’s our second biggest market outside the United States so it just makes sense to come here and do it. And obviously, you guys over here love to hijack the show so we’ll have to be prepared for that (laughs).

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  • Zack

    10 more years?!?!

    • robvanriot

      It’s kind of cute that he thinks he’ll still have a WWE contract in 10 years.

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