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Jack Swagger’s Return, Hardy Defends Reby Against Lita Comment, Last Man Standing

– A fan on Twitter wrote to Reby Sky and told her that she is nothing compared to Lita. The fan called Reby’s relationship with Matt Hardy “sloppy seconds.” Matt replied:

“Any hate on @RebySky due to my relationship with @AmyDumas that was 7 YEARS AGO is really absurd & invalid. Two TOTALLY different women who don’t know one another, or are concerned about one another. My history is past tense, Reby is my present & future. Rebecca Reyes was with me when I was in my darkest days, stayed with me, & she helped keep me in check to make changes I needed to make. I appreciate that more than I can put into words. Insulting her about a non-existent issue just becomes unnecessary cyber-hate spewed over social media. And Reby will fight & strike back, that’s just how she’s wired-to fight for what she believes & who she loves. This issue only lingers because wrestling fans won’t let it go. Everyone involved has-it’s time everyone else does also.”

– John Cena vs. CM Punk in a Last Man Standing Match for the WWE Title is being advertised for the October 21st WWE RAW live event from the XL Center in Hartford, CT.

– After being written off WWE RAW a few weeks back, Jack Swagger is advertised to return in his home state of Oklahoma for Monday night’s RAW. This is the same show Jim Ross Appreciation Night will take place at. Swagger is not advertised to appear at Tuesday’s SmackDown tapings in Tulsa.

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  • Joseph

    I hope they turn Swagger face.

  • jayman

    Yeh me too! C.M Punk needs an opponent for HIAC! so why not have swagger turn face and J.R be his manager? SO Hell In A Cell could be Jack Swagger w/ Jim Ross V.S C.M Punk w/ Paul Heyman

  • Dr. Shelby

    that may be a little to soon for that^maybe that might be pretty cool somewhere down the road, but swagger cant go from barely making the card on raw every once in a while to main eventing a major ppv. Plus wwe seems to be hell bent on giving cena ANOTHER title shot

  • Kayfabe fan

    I really hope thwagger is gonna get a badass angle-like repackage

  • Marc Middleton, stop with the misleading headlines. I came here thinking Lita made some bad comment about Reby and Matt defended Reby against Lita.

  • rob

    ^^ What do you expect Mindy? All the wrestling writers / youtube shooters use misleading titles for more views

  • notmuch.supwitchu?

    A Jim Ross-managed Jack Swagger? I’d watch.

  • Mark

    between jr and thagger there are like two facial expressions. I dont think thatll work. Lol fans are such retards though. And who knew matt hardy was a text essay battler.

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