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Jake Has Words for Orton, Cena Comments on World Title, HBK

– WWE is teasing that Shawn Michaels will be appearing on tonight’s RAW.

– Jake “The Snake” Roberts continues to campaign for a spot in the 2014 Royal Rumble. He had words for Randy Orton after last night’s WWE Hell In a Cell:

“So it is @RandyOrton. The real Snake vs. the imitator. #BestForBusiness #HellInACell #JakeSnakeForRumble”

– John Cena says he has big plans for the World Heavyweight Title. He tweeted this morning:

“My word,@WWEUniverse I will do everything in my power to bring back the focus and honor the #WHC deserves. This is #cenation #WRS”

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  • Jake_Orton

    Big plans? Here comes another spinner belt.

    • Edynol

      I doubt that. I don’t think even Vince would dare desecrate that belt. No matter how a lot may view the WHC today and consider it a secondary title under the WWE title, in the bigger picture, the entire wrestling world, it is the biggest title out there because many of true greatest have worn it. Can’t say that about about the WWE title.

      • Jake_Orton

        Very true.

      • Richie

        MANY greats have held the WWF/WWE title over the years to, and that belt belongs to his own company, but he had that horrible WWE spinner championship made…and you don’t think he would do it to a belt thats originally from another company? Vince wants EVERYTHING to be his, i’m surprised he hadn’t already changed that belt by now!

        • Edynol

          Dude, the WWF/E title does not compare to the WHC. It’s been changed and redesigned so much over the years that it doesn’t matter what’s done to it anymore. I mean, the original WWF Heavyweight title belt was a midcard title, the North American championship, before they renamed it. So the belt itself has never been great by any means.

          But the WHC, on the other hand, has changed very little, if it all really, since the NWA days. It’s had the leather strap replaced a few times and refurbished plates, but the design never changed. It stands for tradition. Changing that belt would be like replacing the wrestling ring with a trampoline or oversized mattress. And a lot of people would be really pissed off.

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