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James Storm Names Perfect WrestleMania Opponent

James Storm hears wrestlers say they’re in the wrestling business for the passion, but he knows deep down everyone is trying for that spot on a WrestleMania card. The TNA superstar wants a WrestleMania match and knows the perfect opponent.

“When you get into the [professional wrestling] business and start training and stuff, the ultimate goal is to make it to WWE and to have that WrestleMania moment,” said Storm. “It’d be [Triple H] because he knows how to be a heel. And he’s not out to try to get a cheer. He’s going out to do a job and that’s to make people hate him. That way, they like the babyface more.”

For a brief time, Storm joined NXT to a giant ovation from fans. His WWE run didn’t last long, as TNA lured Storm back for their POP TV debut in January.

For the entire Jim Ross Podcast with Storm, please click here.

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  • It Begins kid

    This would’ve been perfect.

  • Bonkerz

    I can see Storm as a WWE main eventer – as a serious, yet relatable, face – if he was to face Triple H that is. James Storm is a great example of someone who found the right balance between his gimmick and his real persona – which is why I believe that guys like Dean Ambrose, Daniel Bryan and The New Day got over – they found the right balance of themselves and their characters, and it’s their more human qualities that allow us to draw more solid connections with guys like them. Vince himself once said in the SCSA podcast that sometimes he knew a character could get over if he could see some of himself in that specific wrestler, as well as if they were in a crisis in which was similar to some of the audience’s struggles e.g. Hating your boss and wanting to punch them in the face – we were able to relate to them and live vicariously through them.

    Sadly, this art is slowly being lost, but few have been able to figure this out – such as James Storm and this is why I believe that he could be a main-eventer if given the opportunity.

    • jcice13

      I have to disagree with you here, Ambrose and Bryan got over here because they did the same thing they’ve done since their beginnings..I look at old vids of these 2 and if you didn’t know any better one would think they are watching them from a match last year..the exact same moves and mannerisms, as for New Day? they just made them a comedy act, a good one, but comedy act nonetheless…

  • Bonkerz

    Perhaps this is why many faces are struggling to get over on the main roster, because now the heel is receiving all of the cheers for playing their characters so well, that the heels cannot polarize the crowd enough so that the babyfaces receive louder reactions. Say what you want, but the role of the heel is so crucial in wrestling, because the babyface is so limited to sticking to rules and playing up the crowd that he cannot explore as much. The heel can always do more to be hated and find innovative ways to cheat or get heat with the crowd – seems to explain why the audience has assumed the dynamic (of cheering for heels and faces getting no reaction for doing the same old thing) over the past couple years.

  • jcice13

    could it be that it’s not the performer who can’t get over as a heel like they could in the olden days BUT that the fans appreciate the abilities and the characters differently today and cheer for heels? the Wyatts come to mind for me, in NXT weren’t they being cheered after a while? and in the WWE there are a lot of fans that like them….you have a heel team like New Day, they get a lot of boos but also make people laugh and of course in Vince’s world there are so many turns it makes one dizzy..Kane, Show, Mark Henry just to name a few are turned more than 2 times a year..and over in TNA they have EC3 a face now? how can that be? just because they turned Hardy???
    so if you have a performer who’s doing his job really well you’ll have fans appreciating them for it and giving them some support

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