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JBL Blocks Anyone Who Positively Regards Mauro Ranallo, Superstar Shakeup Names For Tonight’s Smackdown

The strange saga between Mauro Ranallo and JBL is somehow still continuing. It was noted here yesterday that JBL was blocking everyone who was tweeting #FireJBL at him. But it was reported on the Wrestling Observer Radio today that JBL was also blocking: a) People who were wishing Mauro well, and b) People who followed both of them on Twitter.

Seems a bit crazy on JBL’s part to go that far. There are two sides to this. Bullying is an ugly part of life certainly. But ribbing and bullying has been going on in wrestling since its inception. We’re happy enough to be entertained by shoot interviews about stuff The Kliq did back in the day because they’re just stories. Have we become too hypersensitive in today’s world, where people are coddled too much when they ought to use adversity to toughen up? Maybe JBL is a belligerent jerk-off who was jealous and picked on someone smaller than him, or maybe Mauro should have stood up for himself instead of recoiling into depression.

Regardless, the fact that JBL is going out of his way to continue this now passive aggressive offense is foolish. He shouldn’t be fired but he was jealous and felt small himself and couldn’t handle the matter intellectually, which led to the bullying. And Mauro shouldn’t have quit, he should have used it as a point of pride because JBL was simply reacting out of a feeling of inferiority to begin with. Everyone is wrong one way or another. The whole thing was a stupid mess and it doesn’t really matter anymore.


Tonight is the last night of the superstar shakeup.

PWInsider Elite has reported that Charlotte Flair & Sasha Banks are expected to appear tonight as part of the Smackdown roster. In addition to them, The Shining Stars, Sami Zayn and WWE United States Champion Kevin Owens are also being seriously talked about for a move.

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  • Billy Clark

    Wow complete garbage

  • The Shockmaster

    What a dengis

  • Lemmy Is God

    So because it’s around the industry for years it’s okay. How would handle a harassment situation in the company you were running. Mauro could’ve easily sued both jbl and the company, but decided walking away was the best answer

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  • https://www.twitter.com/HawkGIVEEMHELL NO1SC Hawk HENRY #NewNation ??

    fuhq JBL

  • Damian Starr

    “or maybe Mauro should have stood up for himself instead of recoiling into depression”

    That’s not how mental health works…

  • DavidJDengis

    I portrayed both sides of the argument that I saw people having online and drew a line through the rational middle ground. I clearly didn’t take a side but people who have taken a side will only see one half of what I said and not the other.

    Bullying is a pathetic thing to do and I clearly criticized JBL for it. But it also sucks that Mauro is gone and, despite the mental health issues which I am compassionate towards, it’s too bad his reaction was what it was. Now we’re stuck with Byron Saxton on Smackdown.

    I’ve always been one of Mauro’s biggest supporters, probably a lot longer than most of you; all the way back to his Strikeforce days. I knew about his bipolar and could tell what was going on before any of this actually broke officially. Doesn’t mean I have to go all #FireJBL. There has to be a level of balance sometimes where someone can be a dick and the other guy can tell him to go screw himself. I don’t think the answer is always suing people, getting people fired, etc. I wish it got handled differently is all, but what’s done is done now.

    • siddus

      Sometimes there aren’t 2 sides. Sometimes something is just plain wrong. The other side you’re trying to portray is not dissimilar to the victim shaming of celebs who have their phones hacked. But what has angered me most, and seems to be shared by fellow readers is your assessment of depression. Depression isn’t being sad or being mopey. It’s not being defeatest. It’s a mental illness which needs medical treatment just like any other illness.

      • DavidJDengis

        Without going into details, I’ve been through a lot of stuff man. And I’ve known people with myriad ailments of this kind in my life as well. I’m not inconsiderate of the things you’re talking about. Not in the least. I just happen to know that there are different ways of dealing with things than expecting everyone to be nice to you. Some things might be plain wrong, but merely pointing out that fact doesn’t stop evil from existing and it never will. We can’t expect bad things to accommodate us because they won’t. Regardless of what we’re going through, we have to find a way to stand our ground against that which stands against us.

        I’ll just bring up one reference and that is this: Winston Churchill suffered from bipolar disorder. He used to call his depressions the “black dog”. It is evident from studies of history that he was very clearly a victim of quite severe mental illness. Where would the world be today if a man like Winston Churchill hadn’t stood up to some of the biggest bullies in history, the Nazis?

        • Damian Starr

          Sorry I can’t take anyone seriously who publishes rubbish like “or maybe Mauro should have stood up for himself instead of recoiling into depression” and secondly when Churchill became PM we were already at war with the axis, he hardly ‘stood up to the nazis’ when you’re already at war with them… Also comparing a man being a political leader during a war fought on foreign ground is nothing like being bullied at work by a colleague. Put the spade down and stop digging mate

  • Trace Harston Hanner

    Not another jobber tag team on smackdown. Put New Day and Enzo and Cass on smackdown!

  • Oldberg

    You clearly don’t know anything about depression. Also, does WWE not have HR? Harassment in any work environment is still harassment. No “two sides” about it.

  • jcice13

    damn you are a moron..too hypersensitive in today’s world??? how bout if someone bullied you for a few weeks, I bet you’d enjoy that right? especially someone who’s much bigger and stronger, sure you a real tough guy aren’t you? and isn’t this the same company that does a lot of anti bullying ads? I’ve seen a lot of bullies in my day and they all pick on the person that would be the least to fight back…so I hope in your near future there’s a bully in your life and we can all stand back and see how you handle it

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