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JBL’s New NXT Role, Royal Rumble News, Jake Roberts Wrestles

– Below is Jake “The Snake” Roberts wrestling his first match since January 2011:

– Triple H announced on last night’s episode of NXT that he was relieving Dusty Rhodes of his duties as NXT General Manager. Triple H then named JBL as the new NXT authority figure. JBL closed the episode by welcoming us to the NXT Era of The Wrestling God.

– No word yet on who it is but WWE reportedly has a winner in mind already for the 2014 Royal Rumble.

Partial source: F4Wonline.com

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  • Chelsii?

    CM Punk.

  • Punkfan

    The miz should won the royal rumble because he needs to get back main event picture.Whc!!

    • Devon

      The Miz fuckin sucks!!! He cant wrestle and he is horrible on the microphone!!! He doesn’t belong in wrestling. Punk is gonna win the rumble

      • Punkfan

        Really?I would love to see Punk win but he doesnt need it because he can win Wwec oppurtunity at Ec like Cena,Swagger.

        • Devon

          If Punk doesn’t win someone like Cody, Cesaro or Barrett should win.

      • John Cena 2004

        Never liked him, HEEL or FACE, He will always be f**king Annoying

        • Devon

          Hell yeah fuckin right. He is annoying & horrible at everything. Why he is even fuckin employed by WWE is stupid. He had 4 great matches in his life. Vs Bryan at NOC 2010, vs JoMo raw 2011, vs Cena & Jomo ER 2011 & vs Punk & ADR TLC 2011. But Bryan & Punk are 2 of the top 5 in the world, Jomo was great & Cena & ADR are good

          • John Cena 2004

            Still can’t believe he tried doing a twerk on SmackDown. This was my reaction ???? What has happend to SmackDown ????

  • MusclemanFreddy

    I would love to see Damien Sandow win the 2014 Royal Rumble but considering that he’s currently holding the MITB briefcase (meaning that he could still be holding the briefcase or the World Heavyweight title by the time the Rumble rolls around) and coupled by the fact that he has been jobbing a lot on TV lately, it’s probably too much to ask.

  • xXwindsofchangeXx

    The timing of that scares me, because it’s right in the middle of when Cena and Sheamus should be coming back. The best thing that could happen for this company long-term would be for Cena and Sheamus being slow to heal. WWE has booked pretty well in their absence and Daniel Bryan has filled the role of a super-over top face better than possibly even they could have imagined, but I don’t yet trust them to not lean on their usual crutches as long as those crutches are available.

    An alternate option could be Cody Rhodes. Maybe they let RVD hold the title for a month or two, but I imagine Damien Sandow’s going to cash in on him eventually – maybe at the behest of Triple H as punishment for being at the forefront of the little locker room uprising. However it happens, Sandow should be champ by the time of the Royal Rumble, setting up Cody to win the Rumble (possibly dumping a guy like Cena/Sheamus over the top rope in an upset victory) and face Sandow for the WHC at Wrestlemania 30.

    • Mrs. Ambrose

      I don’t think that Cena or Sheamus will win this time it is going to be CM Punk.

      • xXwindsofchangeXx

        Nah, not Punk, either. I’ve got this hunch that they’re going to go with someone younger – maybe a dark horse nobody’s expecting. Now, Punk in the Elimination Chamber for a #1 contendership I could see. But Punk doesn’t need a win at the Royal Rumble – or anything else for that matter – to validate himself as a Championship contender. You’re talking about a guy that held the WWE Title for 15 months.

        I think Bryan and Sandow will be the champions leaving Royal Rumble. Punk and Sandow would certainly be a good match in a vacuum, but not necessarily for Wrestlemania. Wrestlemania, perhaps more than any other WWE PPV, is about the build toward the matches as much as the matches themselves. It would make more sense and be a better crowd pleaser to finally pay off the Cody/Sandow feud, which has been simmering since July, and Cody’s storyline as a whole, with a match with Sandow for the WHC at Wrestlemania. The crowd would be white-hot for him. He’s already pretty popular, and has been built up as a sympathetic figure with everyone from Sandow himself to WWE Corporate screwing him over this year. Would the crowd love it if Punk beat Sandow for the WHC at Wrestlemania? Of course they would. Punk’s immensely popular. But, for Punk, it would be just another title reign – and after having the WWE Championship at 28 and taking the Undertaker to his limit at 29, 30 would seem like a demotion. Plus, it would rob the crowd of a potentially more interesting non-title feud involving Punk. AND Sandow would be horribly overshadowed in his first big WM appearance, which doesn’t do his career any good long-term.

  • Jacob’s Verbal Fist

    Punk needs to win. No need for a Cena/Sheamus retread.

    • xXwindsofchangeXx

      If we’re going to call it fair, call it fair. Punk at this stage would be a retread, too. Just because he’s a good wrestler doesn’t mean he has to hold titles ad infinitum. You can’t get away with implying Punk’s a fresh face just because he’s never won the Rumble before, when he recently held the WWE Title for well over a year and has been consistently either the #1 or #2 focus whenever he’s been on TV since this time two years ago. Sorry.

      • Jacob’s Verbal Fist

        This is Wrestlemania 30, a very important year. The match that is on last should be for the WWE Title, and it should be between the men who best represent quality wrestling in the modern age. The only match that makes sense is Daniel Bryan defending against CM Punk. Bryan must leave the RR PPV as Champ, and Punk must win his first Rumble match. Them on last is the only thing that makes logical sense for WM30. The two best wrestlers of the last few years.

  • Daniel Jones

    CM Punk (going after the WWE title) or Cody Rhodes (going after the World title)


    Wow first match back and he’s in there with the the champs, too bad the camera man botched getting Jakes finish….

  • Rg41982

    Don’t kid yourselves cena will elimnate all other 29 stars.

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