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Jeff Hardy & His Band Peroxwhy?gen Playing at Bound for Glory

Jeff Hardy and his band Peroxwhy?gen are set to debut a new theme song written and performed by Hardy at TNA’s Bound for Glory pay-per-view. Peroxwhy?gen re-tweeted the following confirming Hardy’s new theme song.

Simi Sunny ?@SimiSunny1
Update 4 @Peroxwhygen: they will release the new album, “Plurality of Worlds”, later ths year. Also, @JEFFHARDYBRAND new debut theme at BFG.

The song is titled, “Time & Fate” and will also appear on Peroxwhy?gen’s debut album that is expected to be released before the end of the year.

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  • Stevewiser

    Another reason not to watch. What a stupid band name too.

    • Abudadein

      Xerogpen?why would have been a much, much better name. Or maybe ?georwhypEnX. They really roll right off the tongue, eh?

      • Stevewiser

        Everything you post should be comment of the week. You are one funny sob lol

      • Eric Chism

        Make me want to order BFG…said no one ever. WTF does that even mean?!

  • Aaron

    TNA Gonna TNA! Stupid!

  • Alejandro

    I actually liked his last two theme songs. Don’t know why he keeps changing his theme songs every year lol.

  • Abudadein

    You can pick up the new Peroxwhy?gen album at X-Disc-C, not far from Punkeydoodles Corners in Southern Ontario.

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