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Jeff Jarrett Returning to TNA on Thursday?

As noted earlier, Dixie Carter announced that a former World Champion is scheduled for this Thursday’s episode of Impact Wrestling. The name rumored is Jeff Jarrett, according to

Dixie alludes Jarrett’s return with her “top of the hill” comment, which seems like a subtle hint at Jeff Jarrett’s “king of the mountain” reference. Dixie also teased, “He is one of the greatest of all time,” and “I can not wait to welcome him home. Stay tuned.”

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  • Macho Man

    I like Jeff Jarrett, but “one of the greatest of all time”, that’s a stretch at best!

    • Tommy Colosi

      its tna, lowered expectations

    • Richie

      Yea well the person in question is Adam Pacman Jones…which is even worse then calling Jarrett one of the greatest! Compared to Pacman, Jarrett is the greatest lol!

      • jcice13

        riddle me the hell does dixie even think for a second that pacman is one of the greatest of all time? oh wait I realize now she’s comparing him to THE greatest david bad

    • jcice13

      what did you want her to say? that someone is going to be on the show this week and he’s mediocre with not much going? now that’s hype

      • Macho Man

        She could of just said a former TNA Champion, that would do.

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