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Jericho Appearing on TV Show, Mysterio Update, HBK-HIAC

– In case you missed it, Rey Mysterio worked the Spanish version of the WWE Hell In a Cell pre-show and did Spanish commentary through the pay-per-view. Last night was the first time WWE did a Spanish version of the pre-show.

– Chris Jericho will be appearing on next Sunday night’s Talking Dead on AMC. This is the Walking Dead post-show that CM Punk has appeared on before.

– Shawn Michaels has been re-tweeting comments from fans on Twitter and fielding hateful tweets after turning on Daniel Bryan at the Hell In a Cell pay-per-view. He tweeted:

“I’m gonna go out on a limb & say this whole “having fun on twitter” is probably gonna be over for a while. #thatsortablows #iunderstand”

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  • Heelsean

    I hope Rey’s back in the ring soon. I know he’s getting on and gets injured a lot but he’s still exciting to watch and he’s been great for the past decade. I just hope they don’t put him back with the botch machine Sin Cara.

    • tt2000

      Meh. They were entertaining together. If there’s someone who can make Sin Cara look good is Rey.

  • Mr. Creative

    Not sure if this happened with everyone but when watching the pre-show I heard spanish audio & the english audio simultaneously. It’s great they have spanish commentary for the pre-show now, but having them both being played & overlapping one another made it difficult for me to watch the pre-show & enjoy it. Hopefully next time they will have the issue corrected.

    • Mohamed Abdo

      Yeah , me too .

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