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Jerry Jarrett Upset With Jerry Lawler Return Segment, Longtime Magazines Discontinued

– Jerry Jarrett, Jerry Lawler’s former business partner, took offense to WWE using the legendary grappler’s near-fatal heart attack as a “cheap heat” angle on Raw Monday.

Nine weeks following the ordeal, a tearful Lawler offered his gratitude for the amount of support he received. The WWE Hall of Famer was then interrupted by CM Punk, who continued their on-screen rivalry by mocking him. The segment included a crass imitation of a heart attack, courtesy of Paul Heyman.

“I watched WWE last night. Jerry Lawler was returning after surviving a life threatening heart attack. I sat watching the television with a feeling of pride that they were honoring the return of such a great wrestler. I sat thinking, “now this is real class”. Just when I was appreciating the class WWE was showing, it ended suddenly with a juvenile cheap heat angle,” wrote Jarrett on Facebook.

“I turned the television off and starting thinking about Linda McMahon’s hard work and great expense running for the Senate. It is exactly this kind of programming that prevented her from becoming a Senator. Wrestling should have some limits and boundaries. If you offend great portions of the audience, it is a bad angle.”

– According to SLAM! Wrestling, Pro Wrestling Illustrated has discontinued its sister publications, The Wrestler and Inside Wrestling (which had been combined into one large issue in recent years). The publications had been in circulation since 1968.

Pro Wrestling Illustrated will continue to be published. It is now the last remaining non-WWE publication in the United States.

The wrestling magazine industry has struggled mightily since last year, with WWE continuously posting decreasing revenue for its own publications.

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  • Chelsii.

    Jerry was always an idiot – he created TNA, what a way to ruin your life.

  • EC

    Wasnt that Jeff?

  • Nope

    Fuck you Chelsii , you are the real idiot.

  • dbol

    no it shouldnt have limits, what hes saying is itso o offend some people but not everyone. if there isone american tv show that has it right its south park

  • Danielh

    Its a work, an art, story, drama…. If you cannot tell the difference between fiction and non fiction then you got bigger problems. I thought it was funny, I laughed. I also welcomed the return of The King. Guess what, everyone wins. Stop bitching and moaning… enjoy the program and stfu.


    I guess they relaxed the PG at VKM’s discretion or lack there of.

    Too soon
    Too soon

  • Jason

    Regardless of the taste of it, whether you agree or disagree with it, what point did it hold to the show? Is CM Punk’s character in that much need of “heat”? To me it almost seemed like CM Punk didnt agree with doing it, didnt not seem like it was his best work, almost forced. The whole Paul Heyman fake heart attack was stupid.

  • wrestling crusader

    The WWE and Vince hit a new low. Jerry Lawler has a major heart attacked that virtually killed him but do to being lucky and being in the right spot he is still alive. If he hadn’t wrestled that night he be like Eddie Guerro dead in a hotel room. Those low lives in the WWE use it part of a heet story line are weak and should be fired. Paul Hemmen gimmick sucked even more. Come on WWE and Vince where are your morals.

  • nightmare

    I still think that Jerry Heart attack was fake and not real because of what’s going on now plus the comment Jerry Made last night on Raw about it .

    I do hope I am wrong about this but I doubt I am

  • rob

    ^^ Wow you’re a fucking idiot.

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