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Jerry Lawler Knew The Rock Would Be A Star

WWE Hall of Fame
Jerry Lawler was standing across the ring when The Rock (then Rocky Mavia) debuted on WWE’s roster. The future WWE Hall of Famer knew he was destined to be the star of a company.

“He had a haircut [and] it looked like a pineapple,” said Lawler on Talk is Jericho. “It was crazy. But, yeah, we knew that he had tremendous potential, simply because he was the son of Rocky Johnson and we had Rocky here. Rocky was a huge star in our territory down here in Memphis.”

The Rock returns to WWE TV at tomorrow’s WrestleMania 32 as a host. On the Hollywood side, he’s working on a movie based off the popular TV show, Baywatch.

For the complete Talk is Jericho podcast with Lawler, please click here.

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