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Jerry Lawler Update: Responsive, But Fear of Brain Damage

Former WWE Diva Stacy Carter (“The Kat” and “Miss Kitty”), the ex-wife of Jerry Lawler, says the King is being taken out of sedation and is now responsive after undergoing more heart procedures on Tuesday.

There is now fear that Lawler might have suffered brain damage during RAW after suffering a heart attack, when his brain was deprived of oxygen for several minutes.

Carter released this statement on Facebook:

“I have an update on Jerry. The docs are removing his ventilation & taking him out of sedation. He is responsive, which is great!!! It took a while to revive him last night so there’s the concern of brain damage. He had some tests done which will show how much if any damage there is due to the lack of oxygen to his brain. Unfortunately, the results won’t be in until in the morning. I appreciate all the calls, texts, tweets, & Facebook messages of support & I know Jerry will too. Thanks everybody!!”

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  • Chelsii.

    I’m sure it won’t be extensive… he might just not remember how he got there and why it happened is all.

  • Tony

    While I certainly hope you’re right, how the hell can you say you’re sure?

  • William

    I hope he’s okay too, but there’s no way to tell that until the results are analyzed and even then there are still so many x factors at play, that it could be at least a week until a doctor could know the extent of the damage. Every situation like this is different and while it’s good to hope for the best, we also have to be realistic and wait for the doctors to give their prognosis.

  • later marks

    ^^Brain damage can occur very quickly after the brain is deprived of oxygen. If the blood wasn’t circulating and carrying oxygen to his brain for 20 minutes I think that’s like a worst case scenario.

    So while a person can go several minutes without breathing oxygen and do no major damage if the blood flow to the brain gets cut off for more than a few dozen seconds serious brain damage is almost certain.

    I’m not a Dr. but I think the odds of a recovery are not good.

  • Chelsii.

    Because it was only a few minutes… surely it wouldn’t do THAT much damage… like forgetting half of your life.

  • Are you serious? If you dont have oxygen to the brain for 20 minutes typically that is enough to cause irreversible brain damage. What in your clinical experience would suggest someone could go 40 minutes without oxygen to their brain? You think they are reviving people that are dead for 2 hours?

  • Tony

    A few minutes is a lifetime when it comes to possible brain damage. Not saying he has any, but if the time reported was truly that long, that doesn’t sound good.

  • Chelsii.

    And this is what is wrong with Chelsii. She has no knowledge but thinks she can guess what the right answer is. Sometimes its best to keep your mouth shut.

  • Chelsii.

    Says the stalker impersonating me, sometimes it’s best if you actually do something on here that’s productive.

  • Chelsii.

    Om nom

  • Coolquip

    Really even in a serious situation like this you’re doing this fake account bullshit.

  • Fritz

    Chelsii goes without blood to his brain all the time.

  • Adam

    We only use 10% of the brain, if he does suffer brain damage, hopefully its an area that’s not in use. However, unused parts of the brain can learn what the dead parts of the brain did – rehab for brain damage improves every year.

  • Be a STAR, yeah right

    in the chance that King suffers brain damage, I can already see Vince mocking him on RAW just like how he mocked JR’s bells palsy

  • chelsii’s boyfriend

    in the chance that King suffers brain damage, I can already see Vince mocking him on RAW just like how he mocked JR

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