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Jerry Lawler’s Heart Attack Came From Dolph Ziggler Spot

In the latest installment of The Steve Austin Show, Jerry “The King” Lawler discussed his heart attack that he suffered on last year’s episode of Raw. Lawler had wrestled in a tag match earlier that night where he teamed with Randy Orton and faced CM Punk and Dolph Zigger. Lawler mentioned that the series of elbows from Ziggler during that match were a “partial cause” of his attack.

Ziggler did a spot where he dropped ten straight elbows on Lawler’s chest. Lawler said that Ziggler was landing with all of his weight, and he remembered thinking, “jeez, this guy’s trying to kill me.”

“Honestly, and I talked to my cardiologist about it, and he said, ‘absolutely, the trauma to my chest from those elbows could have been hard enough to knock your heart out of rhythm,'” Lawler said. “It would start slowly, and then get more and more and more out of rhythm until it just seized up.”

Lawler noted that he’s feeling 100% now and wants to talk to Vince McMahon about having “a match or two on Raw” again.

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  • CM Punk lose

    what was Ziggler thinking?!?!?!

    • Martin

      probably that he shouldn’t be in a ring with a geriatric

      • Me

        Or a Jerry-atric! HeyOOO

        • SdotC

          Hey-oooo! LOL!

  • The Devourer of Dimensions

    Oh, here we go for ‘Let’s Blame Ziggler’.


    Really? Really? Really Jerry? Really.

  • Macho Man

    Yeah I’m sure it was the elbow drops from Ziggler and not the fact that Mr. Lawler is old, out of shape and has no business in the ring wrestling anymore. Not to mention eats greasy foods by the truckload as admitted by himself. I’m glad Jerry recovered and so is Dolph because if Jerry wouldn’t have made it Dolph would have been the first person every charged with manslaughter by way of the elbow drop! I never realized Macho Man’s finishing move (flying elbow drop) was a DEADLY weapon! What a joke!

    • Moh.T

      No, Ziggler could not be charged because Jerry had willingly taken place in this wrestling match, knowing the circumstances, and he has a contract with the WWE that probably says that he can’t sue them (But idk, just guessing).
      Would it hurt the WWE? Yes
      Would it hurt Ziggler even more? Yes
      Would it hurt his conscious forever? YES!

      • Macho Man

        You do realize I was joking about Ziggler being charged with manslaughter don’t you? Apparently not from you’re reply. Glad 15 out of 16 people so far have understood it though.

        • Moh.T

          I know that you were joking, I was just speaking technically :p
          And I didn’t vote down if that was what you meant

    • Devon

      True. Like u said He is old, out of shape and should not wrestle. If ziggler gave him a heart attack wit elbows, imagine if the Macho Man Randy Savage dropped an elbow on him!!!! OOOOOHHHHHH YEEEEAAAHHHH

    • SdotC

      Bro, Lawler wrestles many times every year, and he’s been wrestling since the 70s… a lot of wrestlers have pacemakers, and guys like Hogan and Flair still work… if alcoholic Flair can bump for 20 minutes without heart issues, and Jerry can work 10 matches a year no problem, including being cleared by WWE’s medical staff who pulls wrestlers off of shows for freaking headaches, why is it so hard for you to believe that TEN stiff jumping elbows to the chest could hurt the old man? Oh, that’s right, because the IWC loves Ziggler. I’m a fan too, but if it was some guy you hated, I guarantee you and everyone else would be saying “wow, AND that jerk almost killed Jerry Lawler? I hate him even more now!”… IF Ziggler was being a little careless or stiff with the old-timer, then I could absolutely see how this could have caused serious damage. If docs cleared Jerry for the match, and docs are saying the elbow drops were a factor, I’m going with their opinion, not the IWC’s.

      • Macho Man

        Bro, Lawler has no business in the ring! I don’t care who clears him. Obviously he was cleared for this match and look what happened! Last time I checked Flair nor Hogan have had a mass heart attack at ringside. If this had been any wrestler even one I hate I would think this was absurd. You mention he’s been wrestling since the 70’s. You do realize it is 2013! Do you really think a guy that’s been wrestling since the 70’s should still be wrestling in 2013!?!?!? He’s old, out of shape and ate horribly(self admitted). I will blame his heart attack on those factors, not ten elbow drops from the mat. Also note the doctor said it COULD of been a factor not that it WAS a factor. Be sure to let me know when someone else has a heart attack from elbow drops because I’ve NEVER heard of it happening in wrestling and highly doubt I EVER will again. I stick by my original thought on this, WHAT A JOKE!

        • SdotC

          Well then we agree to disagree. Lawler has wrestled since then with no problems. OF COURSE if he was healthier and younger, the likelihood of that spot causing damage would be far reduced. Jerry is far from unhealthy. He’s old, sure, which lends itself to his weight and the strength of his heart in general, but he’s a guy who never took a pill, a smoke or a steroid in his life, and has been working out for over 40 years…. The doctors weren’t saying that the same spot on anyone would have the same potential for damage, rather, that Dolph should have known better than to do it on someone in Jerry’s shape. If they cleared him for the match, that means that his heartbeat was regular, at a good pace, etc, and deemed able to perform. And the diagnosis from the doctor was that after the match, his heartbeat must’ve become irregular, which can easily happen to someone his age from the constant stress caused by the elbow drops, and if it’s never happened after the tons of other matches he’s had even in the past 10 years, IDK how that can be confusing to you. I never said that at his age Jerry should keep wrestling. The FACT is that an old man who needs to be treated very carefully in the ring took several stiff elbows to the heart by a worker who wasn’t thinking as much as he should have been, and given the man’s age, it caused damage and coupled with the strain of the match in general, led to him having a heart attack… I really don’t see what’s up for debate here.

          • Macho Man

            He was a ticking time bomb and the bomb went of. He shouldn’t be in the ring wrestling and that’s the bottom line. These wrestling companies need to keep guy’s of his age and Hogan and Flair’s age out of the ring as wrestlers. They need saved from themselves. It’s a young man’s business not an old man’s business. Like I said let me know of any other wrestler in the history of pro wrestling that’s had a heart attack from elbow drop’s! So yes we will agree to disagree.

          • SdotC

            Here’s where you’re getting my words twisted— I’m NOT knocking Dolph, and I don’t agree with Lawler wrestling at his age. For all of those old guys. What I’m simply saying is that if, in his age and condition, Jerry’s heart attack came after the one match where he thought to himself “man, those were some stiff elbows to the chest”, and the doctors are saying “that absolutely contributed to the heart attack”, then it’s safe to say it contributed to the heart attack. I did say that Dolph should have been particularly careful with a guy Jerry’s age, but that’s not really a knock. If Jerry had died, I wouldn’t be calling Dolph a killer… he’s not Chris Benoit lol

          • Macho Man

            I don’t think you can put it on a wrestler to be gentle with another wrestler of Lawler’s age. First off they have to sell the action to the fan’s. Secondly what I may consider being gentle you may think is rough. I just don’t think guy’s of Lawler’s age should be in the ring wrestling. More harm can come then good. And the doctor DID NOT say that it ABSOLUTELY DID contribute to the heart attack. He said it COULD HAVE not DID, COULD HAVE. So technically the meal Jerry ate that day COULD HAVE contributed to his heart attack as well. The blame even somewhat being put on the elbow drops I find laughable! I hear what you’re saying but I’m not buying it. We will agree to disagree.

          • SdotC

            Fair enough. Again, I wasn’t trying to come across like Jerry’s still healthy and Dolph was abusing him or something lol. But it would be ignorant to say that constant external strain on a 60 year old man’s chest couldn’t affect his heart’s stability. I have limited medical knowledge and experience, but it absolutely could be a contributing factor. As for what I said in my first comment, I just meant that if it was someone that’s known to be carelessly stiff in the ring, and who wasn’t liked, that naturally we wouldn’t be as quick to defend him. And that’s not a knock, we all have bias no matter how well we keep ourselves objective.

            But did you hear Jerry and JBL taking jabs at him on commentary when he did the elbow spot on Raw Monday? I thought that was Fuckd up.

  • Jacob’s Verbal Fist

    Jeez. Ziggler really must have heat if Lawler is calling him an attempted killer. What a tool. Stay out of the ring, this aint 1989.

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