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Jim Ross Explains How Brock Lesnar Vs. Mark Hunt Will Go

Lots of non MMA fans will be tuning in tonight at UFC 200 as Brock Lesnar returns against Mark Hunt in the co-main event. Jim Ross thinks the opening minute will dictate the ending.

“The first 60 seconds of the Lesnar vs. Hunt fight Saturday night on PPV is crucial for both fighters as it’s likely that both men are training for the fight to end long before the scheduled 15-minute time limit allotted it,” wrote Ross in his blog. “One can assume that Mark Hunt will come out throwing bombs that Lesnar must withstand while Brock looks for a takedown as quickly as possible. I’m still of the mindset that this fight will end violently and conclusively within the first 5 minutes of the fight.”

Lesnar is returning to the Octagon, not competing since 2011. He would retire due to diverticulitis and return to WWE. Next month, Lesnar will compete at SummerSlam against a returning Randy Orton.

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  • Bradley Patterson

    Would be amazing if lesner has actually been working on his striking and came out looking like a striking beast

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