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Jim Ross and Wife Blindsided at RAW, News on His Firing and RAW Changes

– The firing of Jim Ross by John Laurinaitis on last night’s RAW Supershow was not in the final script and most people backstage had no idea that it was going to happen.

It’s also believed Ross didn’t know about the angle either. It was noted that JR’s wife could be seen at ringside, looking excited as he entered the ring for the segment.

Ross told a fan on Twitter today that it was embarrassing for his wife and that they both were “blindsided.”

Regarding last night’s show, it’s said that what ended up airing was almost nowhere near what was originally wrote. Everything on last night’s show was re-written more than once.

Source: F4Wonline.com

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  • SamoaJoeFTW

    Well if it was "rewritten" surely it is purely storyline and he will be back?

    Surely WWE isn't run so badly that a decision to legit FE someone would be made spur-of-the-moment?? IF the E is being run this way from now on then better off out than in…

    • The Original Jeff W.

      I agree. If this is true, then his firing isn't legit. I didn't really believe it myself anyway. I just saw that as a fast way to get Laurinaitis some good heat.

    • omar

      it looks ike they dont know what they doing cuz comeone really how this guy is going to take triple h job no one knows this guy he cant even talk on the mike i rather have foley on the microphone this is bad as soon as that happen i change the chanel what vince needs to know is the his loosing us as fans cuz of all the stupiditys on the show. and the jr being fire im glad is like john said triple h gave you the job back and he dissed him im glad his out i hate cole but he said it from the bigining he hated triple h being the coo and on the other hand mark henry the champ really really really i think his the most not want to see champ in the history of the wwe really lets give the belt to tatzu and letting go of morrison really come on his the next shawn michaels with the drugs lol it will be a really big mistake to loose him to tna comeon wwe plz you guys are loosing us

  • fracgod

    Why does Vince have it out for good ole' JR?
    This had got to stop! He gets some kind of sick pleasure from burying JR.
    It is so obvious when Michael Cole tries to mimic a young Vinny Mac, the way Cole brings out that raspy voice when he gets excited, the hair, the suits. He is Vince's personal pet. Vinny is grooming Cole for something bigger, just watch.

  • devondesade

    its just another way for Vince and Michael Cole to get laughs at JR's expense.

  • Jon

    No class whatsoever WWE!

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