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Jim Ross Blog: Jericho’s Return, Bo Dallas, Lesnar Attacking Vince

WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross has published a new blog on JrsBarBq.com. Here are some highlights.

Chris Jericho’s return: “The return to WWE for whatever the over discussed term of his contract may or may not be for @IAmJericho has been a shining light beginning on Sunday at the Rumble and Monday on RAW. Chris Jericho can make whoever he competes with better which is an artform that isn’t in abundance in today’s mat world. Great ‘get’ by WWE.”

Bo Dallas: “Loved that Bo wears a black glove much like his WWE HOF family members, Grandpa Blackjack Mulligan and Uncle Barry Windham.”

Brock Lesnar attacking Vince McMahon: “Dramatic conclusion to Raw with the in ring confrontation of Mr. McMahon and @HeymanHustle which I knew would be a highlight of the night but I never dreamed it would become THE highlight of the broadcast. Great, organic chemistry between two men who have had plenty of experience ‘debating’ the other over the years. My black hat is off to both as it was the show closing moment that Raw needed and it delivered. The shocking return of Brock Lesnar was something that I did not expect to see Monday night and I certainly did not foresee the “Psycho Viking” F5’ing the Chairman of the Board. Freighting moment, in my view, taking all elements into consideration.”

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  • CMmox

    Bo has the potential to become a great asset to WWE’s mid-card.

    • xXwindsofchangeXx

      That said, I’m still surprised that he came up this early. First off, I was convinced they weren’t doing any more debuts until the new “wrestling year” started (i.e. after Wrestlemania). Second, he’s 22 and I’ve said it over and over again that the majority of attention in WWE is given to guys in the 30-36 age range.

      Not to take anything away from Bo Dallas, but I’m now starting to be increasingly convinced that whatever backstage politics there are will keep certain guys from ever getting a shot. What, for example, is Kassius Ohno doing wrong that he hasn’t been promoted yet? I’m not saying that guys like Bo Dallas and Big E Langston shouldn’t be on the main roster. But if they’re on the main roster, a guy with Ohno’s experience should be, too. So what’s wrong with him?

      • CMmox

        Absolutely nothing, KO is great. Hope when he debuts, after WM, gets a good push. Plus Bo’s brother Bray Wyatt is looking promising as well and has far more potential than Bo in my books cause of his awesome gimmick (something Bo is lacking) and his mic skills. Paige will be great to see as well being the anti-diva with a unique look and good in ring skills. Well I guess they are preparing the good stuff for after WM season.

        • xXwindsofchangeXx

          I think Bray would be (back) on the roster already if he hadn’t gotten hurt last year. I was always impressed by his ability to be such a good wrestler with such a rotund (sorry, had to do it) frame. But when I got to see a Youtube vid of his first couple of promos as Bray Wyatt, I nearly crapped my pants in glee. I think he’s one of the best the company’s got in terms of upside, and like you said, they’re not lacking for young talent.

          I’m trying to rein in my optimism because of WWE Creative’s tendency to fumble young talent, but they’re definitely assembling it, and starting to look in some of the right places (international, and guys and girls with indie and/or amateur backgrounds). The second half of the 2010s decade for WWE looks better and better by the month.

  • Fritz

    not shocking