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Jim Ross Blogs: Brooklyn Brawler’s WWE Release, Meaning Of ‘New Era’

WWE Hall of Fame
Jim Ross is back with another blog entry, where he goes over most of RAW and some highlights of the past week. Two interesting parts involved Brooklyn Brawlwer’s WWE release and the term New Era.

WWE Releasing Brooklyn Brawler:

“Surprised to hear of Steve Lombardi aka The Brooklyn Brawler and WWE no longer doing business together after a 30+ year professional relationship. Brawler was always great to work with while I was in WWE and I hope that he lands on his feet at the tender, young age of 55. Steve has likely got a helluva WWE related book in him if he choose to write one as he was in the company through it all. When I contacted Brawler he was in good spirits and he was positive which was refreshing.”

Term New Era:

“What exactly does the ‘New Era of WWE’ really mean? Or is it simply a social media creation?”

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