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Jim Ross Blogs: NXT, Triple H vs. Dean Ambrose, WWE Roadblock

WWE Hall of Fame
WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross has posted a new blog entry over at his website where he gives his thoughts on WWE Roadblock. Here are the highlights.

On WWE Roadblock:

WWE Roadblock was on my iPad in my hotel room in Vegas at the D Hotel & Casino. Seemed like a solid show with the in ring product being the focus. I can’t single out any matches, sorry to some of you, OK, only kidding, ¬†that were not good. I never thought WWE was going to reshuffle their booking of WM32 and they didn’t. Neither would I. HHH vs Reigns is on and the challenger will perform before a hostile crowd, obviously in Dallas, which will create a unique dynamic for the fan favorite attempting to become the top dog in the company at the biggest show of the year. I’m anxious to see how this plays out at AT&T Stadium on Sunday April 3. It wont’ be merely another night at the office.

On Triple H vs. Dean Ambrose:

HHH vs Ambrose was a damn solid main event with HHH the overwhelming fan favorite, specifically for HHH allegedly being positioned a the heel, and that isn’t going to change between now and Wrestlemania. ¬†Ambrose got his ‘pops’ too.

On Colin Cassady and Enzo Amore:

Happy for Enzo and Big Cass, two of my favorite talents in NXT, for their work on the Roadblock show. This duo has excellent chemistry and will seemingly soon be on the primary roster one has to think after Wrestlemania.  

You can read the entire blog here.

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  • siddus

    Describing Reigns as a fan favourite, and HHH as the overwhelming fan favourite in the Roadblock main event? Clearly he’s not watching the same stuff I am as Ambrose was clearly getting the better pops and Reigns is getting very bad reactions.

    • jcice13

      I didn’t see roadblock, but when I read his comments I was wondering if Ravens got it wrong because it seemed odd to me HHH was this heavy fan favorite when he’s in this heel position..so I take your word for it, he wasn’t the one getting the cheers?

  • Mike

    I watched road block. Both men had thier cheers. But I think dean was over more with the crowd and so he should be as the baby face.

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