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Jim Ross Blogs: SmackDown Going Live, WWE Brand Split, Monday’s RAW

Jim Ross has posted a new blog entry over at his website where he gives his thoughts on SmackDown moving to Tuesday nights and more. Here are the highlights.

On SmackDown moving to Tuesday nights:

On Tuesday July 19, WWE and the USA Network are moving Smackdown to air LIVE every Tuesday night on the flagship network of the company. I perceive this to be a highly positive move as nothing exceeds “Live TV” in today’s world of technology specifically referring to DVR’s, etc usage. Live TV still is a valued cache in TV Land and WWE/USA are smart to utilize such.

On the WWE roster:

For the further growth and development of the ever expanding talent roster and to provide all talents with an opportunity to ‘break out’ and ‘get over,’ going live on Smackdown on Tuesdays, and no, Thursdays would not work because of routing, the crews already on the road, etc, and a strategic brand separation via a DRAFT is a significant move on the WWE’s part and should enhance their long term growth within their talent roster which is WWE’s biggest asset today as it has always been and always will be.

On Monday’s RAW:

Solid show with some entertaining wrestling bouts sprinkled throughout in MITB Qualifying bouts. The talents who got in to the MITB Match for the June, Vegas PPV from the new arena there were all good choices IMO.

Ross also talked about what WWE should do with the announcers with this new brand split, The Ross Report and much more. You can read the entire blog here.

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  • Lisa

    I miss JR’s commentary.

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