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Jim Ross: Very Disappointed That Roman Reigns Has Been Suspended

WWE Hall of Fame
WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross commented on Roman Reigns’ WWE suspension in a new blog on his website. Here is what Ross had to say:

Very disappointed that Roman Reigns has been suspended for 30 days as a result of a failed wellness test in WWE. Hopefully, Reigns took something that he was unaware was a violation. There are lots of supplements on the market that I’m told often times don’t jive with the wellness policy and its up to every talent who may use these supplements to make sure that they are good to ingest.

A failure to do is is totally irresponsible.

Hopefully this is a one off situation that will never occur again for this talent that WWE is relying on to be a prime time player for years to come. How Roman invests his time in the next thirty days will be eye opening because one would hope that the highly regarded young talent will want to come back better than when he left.

No talent can do more to harm themselves than to give their bosses the impression that they are irresponsible or unreliable and wellness test failures speak loudly to that matter. It’s up to the talents to dispel that perception upon their return to the work place.

So, WWE finds themselves now with two of their most popular talents in Ambrose and Rollins who are both adversarial with each other while each and are both generally perceived as fan favorites. This can be a blessing within the story telling as it relates to believable, organic booking because it comes down to it all being about who’s the WWE World Champion and that’s a plausible storyline and easy for fans to process.

You can read the entire blog here.

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  • IM MAD JOHNSON #NewNation

    Quit your whining BumMan got caught …….. BOTTOM LINE

    • Fat Owens Fat

      Got caught with what? Prescription pills? WWE sold supplements? Lol be specific before you come off looking stupid like those MMA fanboys who are busy accusing Lesnar of being “on the juice”.

      Oh and weren’t you the race card guy who said the other month that WWE would never suspend their top guys for any violations and that they only suspended Titus because he was black? How’s that stupid logic working out for ya?

      • IM MAD JOHNSON #NewNation

        Dafuq does Titus situation have to do with another grown azz mans actions ? You talking about Lesnar and ish ???? Just quit while you’re ahead dude before you come off as some old azz bum who whines and b—- all over the internet ol cry baby azz bih mad because you and BumMan about to do the same thing SIT AT HOME !!!!!!!!! ?????????

        • Edynol

          OMG! Is that a leaf falling in my back yard? Vince is trying to kill me with Global Warming! Conspiracy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • Fat Owens Fat

          So you’re saying Titus wasn’t a grown man? Okay maybe he was not, given that he yanked his boss on live tv. Maybe he was mentally stunted and his caretaker never taught him the rules of the business. But I brought him here because racist “b—–” like you said Vince would “NEVER FIRE ANY TOP NON BLACK GUY”. I see you do not want to acknowledge that part of my reply. What’s the matter? Cat got your tongue?

          And its funny, all your last posts on this website you have been whining about Reigns all day and then you’re asking someone who replies to you to quit whining? Oh the irony of it. And the part about sitting at home, given the fact that you are here every other hour on this website and I haven’t been around for weeks should tell you which one of us spends more time in their mom’s basement whining on the internet about pro-wrestling. Do the math, or did home schooling not teach you any?

    • Barooq Kidd #POP

      ??? best news of the day for you I bet

      • IM MAD JOHNSON #NewNation

        That’s a Snapple Top Fact

        • Edynol

          Dolphins have blowholes. They’re like small whales!

          • IM MAD JOHNSON #NewNation


      • Lisa

        Well, that’s embarassing.

  • The Shockmaster

    Now we know why Roman lost clean at MITB.

    • Buss da 6’1

      I did think so though because why would they put him in the triple threat

      • Edynol

        Exactly. It would make way more sense to go with an injury angle, forget this PPV, and try again for SS, which is more important.

    • Edynol

      He lost clean because it was best for business, not because of this. If they had known about the violation, he wouldn’t have even been on RAW and put into the next main event. With that big crash he took into the barricade near the end of the match, they could have easily went with a concussion angle to keep him off TV, but they didn’t because they didn’t know yet.

  • Z….

    JR sort of contradicted himself there when he said that hopefully he took something he was unaware of, and then correctly pointed out that regardless of anything, its Reigns’ responsibility to be cognizant of everything he puts in his body. But I would agree with JR. Despite what many people feel about this guy, I’m sure nobody wants to see him throw away his shot at being in a prominent position in a company like WWE. You never want to see someone’s life effected, but as stated, its up to this dude to do things the right way moving forward, get better at the things he needs to improve on, and not let anything like this happen again, if he wants to continue to have that spot

    • Edynol

      What JR meant is that he hopes Roman wasn’t knowingly juicing up because that says something about his character and what kind of person he is. But having said that, he should be more careful and more responsible about what he puts in his body. No contradiction there.

      • Z….

        well, unknowingly putting something in your body also makes you irresponsible and kind of stupid, as he also stated. I dont know which actually is worse. Probably the character issue, but its close

        • IM MAD JOHNSON #NewNation

          He got caught nuff said

          • Edynol

            I tested positive for heroin, as did several dozen of my shipmates, from drinking whiskey in Korea. We didn’t get busted for anything because they did an investigation after several of us good people who never had a single infraction suddenly pop up on drug screenings. There are plenty of ways for illegal substances to get into your body without your knowledge.

            Now maybe he did get caught and he’s guilty as all hell and deserves to be punished, but we don’t know that. It’s all speculation and conjecture.

          • T-Rock (#TeamHollywood)

            You would say that – Drowen

        • Edynol

          Well like I said below, it could be totally innocent. Not likely in this case, granted, seeing as he owned up to it, but it could have been. Some waiter at a restaurant happens to be a smark Reigns hater and sprinkles some dust he was saving for after work in his drink or something, instant wellness violation.

          • Z….

            thats true. getting bill cosbied is the exception lol

  • Edynol

    Means nothing. Meltzer’s far from reliable. I refuse to believe even WWE is that dumb. To already know about it and not spin an angle? And with a solid opportunity for a concussion angle after that nasty spill he took with all the hype about concussions right now? Yeah I’m calling BS on Metzler for this one. The only other explanation I can think of for WWE already knowing about this is that they’ve grown tired of Roman and want to damage him by making this public, which I don’t think is likely.

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