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Jim Ross Gives Predictions For Summerslam & Discusses WWE Wellness Policy Violations

Jim Ross recently took to his blog to discuss some of the current events in pro wrestling.

He first gave his perspective on the upcoming stacked Summerslam event:

“I see Dean Ambrose likely retaining the WWE title against Dolph Ziggler but not before Ziggler pushes Ambrose to Dean’s best match thus far in WWE. This match could go a long way to remove the less than ideal taste in the mouths of many after Ambrose’s sit down with Steve Austin after RAW last week. Ambrose did not have an ideal night with Stone Cold but can right any perceived wrongs by tearing the house down Sunday night. For the record, anyone can have an off night as I’ve had an abundance of them in my career. 

The Seth Rollins vs Finn Balor bout for the first ever Universal title could be the show stealer on Sunday as both men have excellent skill sets, instincts and fundamental soundness. I see Rollins retaining but Balor having an eye opening performance in a losing effort and, yes, that is possible. I hope that we see some established ‘villain’ traits from Rollins to help him facilitate where WWE seemingly wants him to travel. If I was starting a wrestling territory I’d be ecstatic to have both Balor and Rollins on my roster.

I’d close Summer Slam with Lesnar vs Orton as it features a star from both the RAW and Smackdown Live brands in an extremely high profile bout.  I figure that Brock wins this one but if Randy wins with an RKO I won’t be shocked but admittedly will be surprised. Some can make an argument that Orton should win because he’s a full time talent while Lesnar is not and I won’t debate that point but this card is loaded with matches that could go either way and as the old adage goes there are multiple ways to do something right and that prevails up and down this card.”

Good ‘Ole JR then expounded on the rash of Wellness Policy suspensions that have occured over the last week:

“It is a good thing that WWE has a Wellness Program because it’s obvious that many of today’s wrestlers would not legislate themselves if they had the opportunity or so it seems. I hope that none of the recent wellness violators have lingering, serious drug problems but if they do the WWE will help them as they have so many others and on the WWE dime.

If these violations are of the “partying” variety, then how can anyone have any empathy for such matters? Adults, especially those that are blessed to earn large sums of money in their chosen profession, should know better if they are busted for partying. If they are popped for using supplements with banned ingredients and they were not aware those supplements were on the banned list  then that is another matter all together but a violation nonetheless.

At the end of the day, there needs to be more personal responsibility in many people’s professional lives. By the way that includes high paid football players in the NFL who seem to be getting popped weekly.

WWE is at times unfairly criticized by fans who apparently don’t understand the program while other wrestling organizations who have no programs or impotent programs to help their athletes are generally given a free pass. That’s a head scratcher.”

Check out more blogs and podcasts from JR at his website http://jrsbarbq.com.

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