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Jim Ross Predicts Most Of Tonight’s WWE Payback Card

WWE Payback
WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross recently predicted part of tonight’s Payback card. Read more from Ross, by checking his blog.

Reigns over AJ in a match that will pleasantly surprise some naysayers. I expect some outside shenanigans to accompany this bout. I expect AJ to rock the house in his first WWE, PPV main event.

Charlotte squeaks out a quality win over Nattie and I assume that WWE will feel obligated to do one spot with Flair and the Hitman.
Mr. McMahon will decide who runs RAW between son Shane and daughter Stephanie which I see coming down to a ‘competition’ of some sort so as to extend the storyline.
I’d like to see Cesaro win the IC Title and then commence to rebuilding it as Cesaro can have excellent bouts with anyone on the roster. However, for some reason I see Miz and Maryse, a combo that I happen to like, prevailing with a classic, ‘cheat to win.’

Ambrose over Jericho is what should be a really good, wrestling match. Whether some want to admit it or not, Ambrose losing to Brock Lesnar at Wrestlemania provided Dean’s TV persona a boost. I still find it head scratching that some fans are still up in arms as to why Ambrose did not defeat Lesnar at Wrestlemania Texas.
Zayn, in classic, underdog fashion snatching a victory out of the jaws of defeat over Kevin Owens in another bout that I’m excited to watch live. If this goes the other way, I will be just as happy.

Love the combo of Enzo and Big Cass and see them defeating the Vaudevillians.

Heel Ryback cheating the smaller, underdog Kalisto out of the United States title seems to resonate but if Ryback doesn’t prevail and win this tepid title then that might speak even louder regarding this title and the individuals in this match. I like Ryback as a ‘bullying’ heel especially if he learns to occasionally retreat.
Cowboy Bill Watts recently had spinal surgery as a result of his years in wrestling and is home recovering nicely. My mentor is in great spirits and is as ornery as ever.

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