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Jim Ross Responds to Retirement Rumors, SmackDown’s Social Media Score

– Jim Ross shot down rumors that he has retired from announcing, writing on Twitter, “At this stage of my life calling an occasional match is a rush. Coaching & training younger talents has become a true passion. NOT retired!”

Jim Ross also discussed the possibility of WrestleMania coming to New Orleans during his weekly radio appearance on Yahoo Sports Radio.

– This week’s episode of WWE SmackDown scored 60,083 in social media activity, down 22 percent from last week’s pre-Royal Rumble episode.

Smackdown ranked #4 on cable TV Friday night behind two NBA games and “SpongeBob SquarePants” on Nick according to Trendrr.TV.

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  • Thatoneperson

    Spongebob Squarepants did better than Smackdown? Hahahahaha!!

    • Gortex

      cue teasers for a new wwe superstar billed from a pineapple under the sea

    • tmcfan15

      Oh God no, now they’ll pander to the kids even more.

  • viper 74

    Smack down losses to Sponge Bob Square pants. Gee WWE you want to know why. Your type if entertainment now sux. Got so bad that kids tune out. Maybe they should stop the kid pandering and bring back the true crowd the teens and older.

  • CMmox

    When Spongebob > SD! then you know something’s wrong!

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