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Jim Ross Talks Alberto Del Rio Leaving WWE

Jim Ross recently took to his blog and gave his view on Alberto Del Rio leaving the WWE.

Here is the excerpt regarding Del Rio:

“Wishing Alberto Del Rio the best of luck upon ADR leaving WWE for the second time by my count. Talented guy without question who has seemingly not found what he’s looking for in a promotion and at some point one has to¬†consider re-evaluating one’s priorities and game plan. Perhaps I’m wrong but there seems to be an abnormal amount of controversy surrounding this talent who still has plenty to offer a pro wrestling company if the table is set correctly for all involved.

I hope that the ADR story has a happy ending for all involved but for some reason that option doesn’t seem like a lay up. Remember that when talents leave a company it is more often than not because of one of the two C’s, creative and cash.”

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