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Jim Ross Talks About How WWE Is Using The Dudley Boyz And Shelton Benjamin – WWE

WWE Hall of Fame
WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross has updated the Q&A section on his website (JRsBarBQ.com). Here are are the highlights.

On if WWE is underutilizing The Dudley Boyz:

I happen to like how the Dudley’s are being utilized. Building up the tag team scene in WWE is totally up to mgmt. They can do whatever they choose.

On why Shelton Benjamin never received a shot at the WWE Title:

I’d guess it was because we were never able to tap into Sheldon’s charisma because he was an amazing athlete.  

On if Jim Cornette should be in the WWE Hall of Famer:

Jim Cornette is a legit HOFer in any Hall of Fame.  I have no idea who would induct JC. That would be his call.  

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  • jcice13

    you know I completely forget that Cornette isn’t in the HOF, did he burn too many bridges with Vince or was it that he did his best work in a lot of other promotions? because he’s a HOFer

    • robvanriot

      JC’s main problem is exactly what you describe. He’s been very vocal about Vince (as recently as a couple of days ago), and is a long-time outspoken critic of Shawn Michaels, which obviously won’t sit well with HHH. He hasn’t so much burned his bridges as nuked them.

      • Michael King

        Some people have done it in the past and they worked with WWE again.

      • jcice13

        oh you are so on target, I saw one clip on youtube where not only Cornette but some others were burying HBK

        • Alejandro

          I saw a YouTube interview not too long ago and the interviewer asked Cornette how he felt about Shawn these days. Jim said that he acknowledged Shawn changing himself for the better but still harbors a little bit of resentment for how Shawn treated him and others bad back in the day so it’s not as bad as before.

          • jcice13

            the one I saw he was calling him all kinds of names and even was referring to him as being gay.and he wasn’t the only one on that particular clip that said it

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