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Jim Ross About Undertaker Retirement Rumors

WWE Hall of Fame
Before WrestleMania 32, there was lots of talk about Undertaker retiring. WrestleMania passed and while Undertaker hasn’t been appearing on TV, the retirement rumor has slowed down. WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross recently addressed the topic.

“I think that when he does retire, unless there is complete insanity [that] has engulfed the world of sports entertainment, that it will be the biggest news of the year, the last match for ‘The Deadman,’” said Ross. “And I think that last match for ‘The Deadman’ will be at a WrestleMania. When that happens, I don’t know. [WrestleMania] 33? I don’t know. [WrestleMania] 34? Who knows?”

Undertaker defeated Shane McMahon at the latest WrestleMania. It was the third time Undertaker won a Hell in a Cell bout at the grandest show of the year.

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