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Jim Ross: WWE Coverage Lacking Brock Lesnar’s UFC Win, Moose’s TNA Debut, Randy Orton At Battleground

WWE Hall of Fame
Jim Ross was back with another loaded blog. The WWE Hall of Famer went of Brock Lesnar’s UFC 200 win not getting enough airtime on WWE, Moose’s TNA debut, and Randy Orton’s role at Battleground with Chris Jericho.

WWE Not Properly Promoting Brock Lesnar’s UFC 200 win

Thought that WWE could have provided more content on Brock Lesnar and his victory at UFC 200 especially leading into Lesnar wresting at Summer Slam. Feels like it might have been a missed opportunity not to exploit WWE’s biggest star.

Moose’s TNA Debut on Live TV

Nice, impactful debut for Moose in TNA Tuesday night. Good positioning on the “live” broadcast. Moose will be in Oklahoma this weekend wrestling Saturday and Sunday nights. I think that this talent has massive potential.

Randy Orton Getting Physical At Battleground

I can only assume that Randy Orton will be involved in some level of physicality at Battleground in the Jericho Highlight Reel but that’s merely speculation. Why bring The Viper back to only talk Lesnar and Summer Slam without giving the audience something memorable to take with them?

For the entire blog, which also talks about too much talking on Impact Wrestling, Bob Backlund working with Darren Young and talent taking advantage of the Draft, click here.

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