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Jim Ross On If WWE Should Have A Rotating Roster Schedule And WWE’s Creative Team

WWE Hall of Fame
WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross has updated the Q&A section on his website (JRsBarBQ.com). Here are are the highlights.

On the talent in NXT:

Talent is always the key and it’s up to the NXT personnel to continue to sign and develop great young talents from a variety of places whether it be the indie circuit or out of college, etc.

On if WWE should have a rotating roster schedule (one week a talent appears on RAW and SmackDown and the next week they don’t):

No..I’d rather then have a talent available for say 10 months and then off two months on a scheduled sabbatical. Or something along those lines.  

On WWE’s creative team: 

It’s a tough, thankless job but I’d agree that recent creative has not been, seemingly, what the TV viewers want to see.  

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  • Fat Owens Fat

    I dont even know why Raw superstars arrive on SD. Why not go back to having two different brands with two different characters and then use Survivor Series to have a RAW vs Smackdown match once a year to prove who was the best. That way you can have fans invested for that ppv alone without needing to burn out the pencil sketching out a storyline leading to the ppv. Team HBK vs Team JBL was so much fun.

    • siddus

      For me, those Raw vs Smackdown matches (and many SS format matches) just felt so forced and contrived. I therefore could not invest in them.
      I don’t think we need a brand split, but they do need to make Smackdown important again. They need to start giving Smackdown some can’t-miss moments like it used to have when it was still important before the brand split. You start putting in key story moments like that on Smackdown and soon enough the viewer numbers will rise up again. And once that happens, there’s more tv time of actual value to go around which benefits everyone.

  • jcice13

    I love when guys like Ross are supportive of ideas and such, they go at it like they are in love with it and praise it highly, and rightly so, but every time I hear him talk about something he doesn’t like or the bad things in the company, he makes it seem so tame, almost as if it’s an aside…come on JR, you of all people know when it sucks, and when guys aren’t doing their jobs properly or not paying attention to what fans want as a majority…it’s like the ex jocks who go into the studio for their respective sports..they (and I know there’s one or two that don’t fall into this category) never are as “damning” as they are praising, not even near the same level,…if we the fans can see how something is crappy or not legit, then they should be commenting on it, after all we are seeing it first hand…this isn’t golf, where the announcers never say a negative word

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