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Jimmy Snuka To Be Back In Court Next Month

Jimmy Snuka is being charged with third-degree murder and involuntary manslaughter for the 1983 murder case involving the death of his girlfriend, Nancy Argentino. Snuka will be appearing in court on June 21st.

During the May 13th hearing, Forensic psychologist doctor Frank M. Dattilio said that Snuka is a “shell of a man” whose brain is “damaged beyond repair from years of wrestling stunts” and that Snuka’s dementia is “worsening by the month,” and he has “serious memory loss.” According to Dr. Dattilio, Snuka is not able to stand trial.

On May 18th, the prosecutors brought in a second doctor, Dr. John O’Brien. According to O’Brien, Snuka’s brain is within the normal range of someone in their 70’s and Snuka is able to stand trial for the case. Dr. O’Brien added that Snuka was able to “hear, comprehend, and respond appropriately to questions.”

At the March 20th hearing, Snuka took the stand in order to help determine if he’s able to stand trial. Judge Banach asked Snuka basic questions including his identity, ability to read and write, obtaining a driver’s license, where he lives, and other tests while he was on the stand.

Judge Kelly Banach said at the May 20th hearing that she will need to do further research on the evidence presented by both sides before making a final decision. Thus, the reason that the next hearing will take place on June 21st.

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