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Joey Styles Gets Released From WWE

Pro Wrestling Sheet has reported that the former voice of ECW, Joey Styles, was recently released from WWE.

There is no official word about any reason why Styles and WWE have parted ways, just speculation. Some of that speculation points to the fact that Styles latest Twitter post was July 29th. Mere days earlier, Styles did a Facebook Q & A where he was candid with his responses regarding the current WWE product.

He expressed a negative view regarding the name of the new “Universal Championship”. And when asked why he thought Roman Reigns’ push had been so relentless despite fan’s aversion, he spoke honestly (Quote transcription via

“Bottom line is if our chairman thinks he sees a future star as a baby face, that’s how things are gonna play out,” Styles said, “Vince thinks it can work. He’s been right much, much, much, much, much more than wrong over the course of the last 40 years. I’m sorry, but I’m not gonna second-guess the chairman.”

And then in response to an assertion that females seem to like Reigns, Styles elaborated further.

“That’s part of it,” He replied, “Moms are the ones who bring kids to shows. Kids like Roman Reigns. Moms like Roman Reigns. That’s the reason. Just because some people boo him doesn’t mean everyone doesn’t like him.”

This is not a very controversial thing to say but any company with a monopoly in the industry doesn’t have to hear any flack from the serfs in their employ. Moms! HA! Lets face it, Joey Styles is simply a treasonous swine.

Thou shalt love all names, titles, monikers and brands.

Thou shalt love all pushes, pulls, twists and tweaks.

The WWE is your voice. The WWE is your vice. WWE is life. Obey.

Shout out to all the Moms.

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