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John Cena Back on WWE TV, WWE Creative News, The Miz

– We noted before that the Cody Rhodes “firing” on RAW seemed rushed because of a lack of communication between WWE officials and creative as of late. To go along with that, nobody in creative knew of Mark Henry being cleared to wrestle until reading about it online. Said one WWE source, “Communication process is the shits in this company.”

– Don’t be surprised if WWE gives up on their “babyface experiment” with The Miz soon.

– While John Cena won’t be able to wrestle until around Royal Rumble time, there is already talk of bringing him back to WWE TV in October for Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Cena wants to start making appearances for the company to help with their big Breast Cancer Awareness campaign. Cena’s rehab for his injuries will be one of the storylines for the second half of this Total Divas season also.

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

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  • Nick P

    They need to keep Cena away if they want his reaction to be any more welcoming upon his return. I’m not saying it would be, but his return at the 2009 (I think) Rumble got a huge pop and that was during the time when fans were getting sick of him. If they bring back Cena to just be on TV, fans won’t care when he shows up in the Rumble.

    Let some of the other superstars take initiative and be a part of the Breast Cancer Awareness Month campaign. Hell, last year Ziggler’s shirt got the axe because it was pink and Cena’s new gear had pink in it. Maybe if the higher ups don’t still have their panties in a bunch over Ziggler’s SummerSlam comments, he could lead the way. Guy just needs a chance.

    • Devon

      2008 rumble. And I agree. I will cheer for him when he returns. He is my third favorite behind Bryan & Punk

      • james clinton

        Ya know, the thing is I actually like cena.
        I just don’t like his spotlight.
        If he were an average topcarder, and they rotated between him, DB and punk having the main event for ppvs I’d be a huge cena fan.
        But knowing that he’ll main event wm 30, probably end the streak, and be the main event of every ppv till he retires just pisses me off.

        • Tyler Drummond

          Exactly, I like Cena too. I miss him too, it just feels weird not having Cena. But I totally agree that he doesnt need to be the centre of attention 24/7. Should he still be in big matches, main events (not always THE main event, but A main event) then thats fine, but WWE oftens want to force Cena down our throats.

  • Vassiliadis

    “big Breast Cancer Awareness”?… that indeed DOES sounds like an appropiate campaign for WWE.

    • The Devourer of Dimensions

      Save the tatas.

  • The Devourer of Dimensions

    His babyface turn was never going to work out anyway, faces aren’t suppose to be annoying.

    • Maddox

      He just doesnt click as a face

      • Mrs. Ambrose

        I think that creative did not know what to do with him as a face character.

  • james clinton

    So THAT is why Henry hasn’t been back recently.
    And why this stupid big show angle is happening. Get henry and show on the ticket for the tag team mania match, quick!
    But yeah, total LOL at how awful communication in the company is. I can’t even believe creative had to read that MH was cleared online.

  • Ya Boy J Black

    If you ask me Miz is the perfect corporate champion. He should take a break once he gets married and come back as a prick like he should be. If there was a online story that WWE believes he is the future, and he starts winning the WWE title, fans will HATE him and will pay to see him lose.

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