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John Cena Denies Returning Early Rumors

John Cena responded to reports that he may return to WWE television in a non-competitive role while recovering from surgery. He wrote the following on Twitter earlier today:

“Despite gossip from ‘so called’ @WWEUniverse @WWE ‘insiders’ I am NOT returning 2 b a mouthpiece. I WILL return 2 b a CHAMPION #NOC”

As noted earlier, Cena isn’t expected to return to the active competition until January at the earliest, with a possible Royal Rumble return in the pipeline.

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  • Devon

    As much as I like Cena, the last thing I wanna see is him wit a fuckin title again

    • WorldHeavyweightGuest


  • Alpha_Omega

    He can return at Rumble but if he wins, WWE aka Vince needs to jump of his d*ck.

  • Thorbeard

    Its time to let someone else have a turn, John.

    • jcice13

      well all due respect, and I’m not a cena fan in the least, but they just had punk with the title for 434 days and cena jobbed quite a bit for the top guys during that time

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