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John Cena Comments on His WWE Return on Talk Show

– John Cena appeared on ABC’s Good Morning America earlier today and talked about WWE’s Rise Above Cancer campaign with Susan G. Komen. Cena also mentioned that he’s re-joining the fight on October 27th at WWE’s Hell In a Cell pay-per-view. Cena talked about how WWE raised over $1 million for Komen last year and how they hope to top that this year. He said about his return:

“I’m finally ready to go, I feel good!”

Cena says he just got cleared to return to the ring after having surgery about a month and a half ago.

Cena also noted on Twitter that he will be doing interviews today with CNN, E! and The Huffington Post, likely promoting WWE’s campaign with Komen.

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  • Devon

    I dont think he is gonna return yet. He was supposed to be out until early January at the earliest

    • He always returns from injuries early. I don’t think he’s ever had a injury he didn’t return early from

  • Alpha_Omega

    Cleared to wrestle my ass.

  • Jacob’s Verbal Fist

    It would be a pretty cool swerve if it ended up being Brock returning instead of Cena, and he took the title from Alberto in 48 seconds, Bruno style.

    • Alpha_Omega

      That makes no more sense than it does Cena. no1 contendership needs to be earned!

      • Maddox

        Well he still his rematch clause for the WWE Championship

      • Jacob’s Verbal Fist

        That’s why its called a ‘swerve.’ Like Survivor Series 2008 when Hardy was supposed to wrestle for the WWE Title but Edge returned and replaced him. Stars dont need contender positions. They draw money. The end.

  • fj2305

    I just simply cannot wait to Sandow cashing in his MITB contract !!!

  • Thomas Øksne Elverhøi

    oh no …not him again…

  • PlanoStu

    Cena comes back and beats ADR for the title, ADR goes nuts and messes up Cenas arm. San Dow runs in and cashes in to win the title. Cenas off until Royal Rumble as planned and tosses ADR out last to win the Rumble.


    Ratings have been steadily falling with this ridiculous angle and they need Cena badly to boost ratings.

    Either one is plausible

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