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John Cena Comments on Rumors of His Death

– Regarding the rumor that John Cena had died earlier on Twitter, Cena wrote the following:

“CeNation. Apparently last night I was shot dead by a group of thugs. I also was apparently owned by the rock. Both just internet rumor. :)”

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  • C. J. Short

    Heh heh, snap.

  • Regan

    And if the rumour Cena's death is true my son will be shattered. Reading this and believing it is like reading the story about his death and believing that….which one is really TRUE???

  • Charlotte Lange

    I thought this was true and i ddnt even tell ma son at home
    and nw im glad hes stil alive!

  • ausia

    Im happy he is still alive

  • Osta

    I'm glad that John Cena is still alive….

  • princee

    i was shocked for a moment hearingg the news of my all time fav starr!!!! but den when i came to kno hat it was rumuors i was damn happyy :)

  • Hussain Lootah

    John Cena is the Only One who Never Gives Up and Never Quits.. He is a Hero..

  • j.c

    Mean spreading the news
    iam so happy Cena is still alive,, i love you cena

  • arja

    are you sure , people , john cena is still a live?

  • Hussam

    To my all star champion, u are the greatest of all time! John cena u are our role model so dont ever give up on us! Ns as u said NEVER GIVE UP, ur biggest faan! get um champ!!

  • Nesreldeen (arja)

    if the rumor isn’t true , so why don’t he just come out and tell people that he’s still a live ?

    i just can’t understand !

  • chris angelo

    thank god cena u r live

  • http://Tweet Farooq

    Tnk god our 1 nd only favourite star ix stll alive!!!yey am hpy…

  • Seerwan kurdi

    Hi cina.we(kurdish people)in iraqi kurdistan were shocked by the damn news of your death.but tx God dat u r still we love u n pray for u to be one of our brother.ur success z our wishz.

  • Shanu

    Cena never give up.Cena I was shocked by this news.I didn’t have my meal from past 2 days.I feel incompelete without you & not only I entire world is incompelete without you.But now also I am not cleared about your news as I live in INDIA.

  • http://facebook ahmed

    ??? ???? ?? ????? ?? ??? ??????

  • Corey Woolvett

    damn im upset to hear this……and know the man who ruined wrestling is still alive I am happy he wasnt shot that would be too painless for him. I hope Cena honestly gets cancer and dies he ruined wrestling and deserves nothing less than a slow eating away death rot in hell cena you smiley faced jackass

  • U-Known__it_will_happen


  • Darc

    we’ll soon find out. when he aint featured on WWE any mor. Jus sayin

  • http://yahoo ruth

    I heard cena is dead and began to cry the only reason i watch WWE is because of my one and only superstar JOHN CENA. we herein the country of belize love u alot

  • Anshul

    john cena is the best wretler in the world ….. he will never be dead widthout fuck Rock…..

  • Anshul

    john cena is the best ,……….. i cant see you……………………………………

  • Anshul

    The Rock gets jacked for possible CM Punk match at Royal Rumble 2013, motivating himself by wearing a Best in the World t-shirt. Pretty sure it started with sleeves and Rock’s arms shredded it down to what you see here. Be afraid, Punk. Be very afraid.

  • Anshul


  • peggy

    Cena thank God u r alive, may God be praised

  • peggy

    Cena thank God u r alive!!!!

  • Chelsii.

    This article was uploaded over a year and a half ago you morons… you only just realise he isn’t dead or something?

  • Daniel

    Cena is not just a wrestler, he is more than that, that is why apart from Hulk Hogan no wrestler dead or alive can share the spot occupied by john from all over the world, It matters less wether he has the belt or not, but we will like him to win the belt. Some have the belt but no matter how long they held it they will never share the fame and admiration that john enjoys.

  • Ismail haruna

    When i heard the rumours that john cena is dead ,i become confused and even vows not to watch wrestling again, but thank God john cena is stil alive

  • Ab

    Thank God my cena is still alive. Thank u Jesus! Infact i fell like dancing azonto now. Lolzz

  • Ab

    Thank God cena is alive

  • sonia

    i was shocked for a moment hearingg the news of my all time fav starr!!!! but den when i came to kno hat it was rumuors i was damn happyy

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