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John Cena Furthers Affair Storyline, Kelly Kelly’s Prices Reduced, Kenn Doane Update

– On Twitter Thursday, John Cena responded to Vickie Guerrero’s allegations that he had an affair with AJ Lee, which led to the diminutive Diva stepping down from her post as Raw General Manager by the WWE Board of Directors on Monday.

“Ok @ExcuseMeWWE not gonna go back and forth so ill leave it with this.. U got proof of an ‘affair’ with @WWEAJLee and I, show @wwe,” Cena wrote in response to Guerrero stating the day prior that his “actions” with Lee are “interesting” to her. “Just truly think its sad that @WWEAJLee lost her job because of ‘allegations’ that is a bigtime blunder by @wwe #BringBackAJ.”

In response, Guerrero said she will have proof this Monday on Raw. She wrote to Cena, “Ask and you shall receive…tune into RAW this Monday as I have the “evidence” #CougarInCharge.”

– Northeast Wrestling has announced that prices for former WWE performer Barbie “Kelly Kelly” Blank’s autographs and photo-ops at her appearances on Saturday, November 3 at the Galleria at Crystal Run in Middletown, New York, and Sunday, November 4 at Buffalo Wild Wings in Waterbury, Connecticut have been reduced.

Autographs and photo-ops are now $30 each, or save $10 by purchasing a combo for $50. Additional autographs and photo-ops are available for $25 that day. Those who have already pre-ordered the items will be refunded the difference. (Event Details)

– Kenn Doane, formerly known as Kenny and Kenny Dykstra in WWE, is now playing football at Nichols College after not playing since high school. Though listed as a tight end on the school’s official website, he primarily plays defense on a limited basis. Through eight games into the season, he has eight solo tackles and five assisted tackles.

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  • Lisa

    I am loving this storyline already. I can’t wait to see how it plays out.


    30$ to get a photo with Kelly Ha. I paid 10$ for a pic with Cabana, but come on, he’s Colt Fucking Cabana. This bitch wishes she had a fraction of the talent Colt has.

  • Kayfabe fan

    I’m face palming like a mofo right now
    And guess why i’m doing that …. *hint : the first comment on this article*

  • snoopy


  • Cee Jaih

    Lisa you are so stupid

  • matthew

    fck cena

  • brandon

    Fuck this horrible storyline.

  • Gasparilla

    This storyline is pretty bad, I really don’t see where they can possibly be going with this, other then filler to keep John Cena on the air while he is hurt and unable to compete.

  • notmuch.supwitchu?

    Ah, nice to see that the IWC has shown up. Not a huge of the storyline either, but, damn, you guys get annoying.

  • Rybork

    no offense, but why is it that all the ‘positive’ comments that praise WWE always get the most negative votes? If you’re gonna hate it so damn much, stop watching. Learn to think positively, otherwise you will never enjoy it, it will always be either too less or too much for you because you always think of the negatives.

    Anyway, not the ‘best’ storyline they could have come up with, but at least they’re trying to add intrigue to the next episodes by building up small angles. I for one would enjoy a Dolph/Vickie vs AJ/Cena feud.

  • SDotC

    Is Lisa really just a troll account set up to make it seem like Chelsii isn’t the dumbest bitch on this website?

  • Jennifer K

    This is what I don’t get. Why is it okay for AJ to (presumably) sleep with 3 of the superstars at (presumably) once (Kane, Punk, Bryan)- but having a RELATIONSHIP is bad???
    God, I feel dumb.

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