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John Cena Health Update, Kristofferson Returning to WWE?, More

– Summer Rae revealed another WrestleMania XXX pre-sale code on Instagram this morning – GRAM30. As noted, other codes for this morning’s pre-sale include SAINTS, WWEVIP and WM30TW.

– As noted back in August, WWE released Jody Kristofferson, son of actor Kris Kristofferson, from his developmental deal. Jody was telling fans at the Roland Alexander Memorial show over the weekend that he expects to go back to work for WWE in early 2014. Kristofferson used the name Garrett Dylan in NXT.

– Internal reports from the current WWE European tour note that John Cena was really hurting after having to wrestle every night, just a short time after returning to the ring before his body could fully heal.

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

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  • Jbreed

    John Cena needs to take it easy. We all know about Cena’s passion for the business but he needs to realize he won’t have many years left in the ring if he keeps letting Vince McMahon force him into wrestling with injuries.

  • Mr. Creative

    This is one reason I felt the MITB cash in on Cena should have resulted in Sandow winning the WHC belt. I commend Cena’s passionate & comeback story, but this article shows the reality of it… it was too soon. If they had let Sandow win over Cena it would of been a great push that Sandow rightfully deserves. Cena could of ‘sold’ the injury & loss by ‘not being cleared to wrestle’ & perhaps just show up now & then (distractions, promos, backstage skits, etc), but not to do any actual match until let’s say around the Royal Rumble PPV time frame. This would given Cena more time to actually heal, which is better in the long run. Keeping him on as “The Champ” may from a business standpoint sound like the right choice, but ultimately you are hurting Cena by having him wrestling day in & out all too soon, which is not giving Cena the appropriate time to truly heal up. It’s not like Cena’s loss to Sandow would have not hurt his character any. Though this could of resulted ultimately in a potential WHC match of Cena vs Sandow at Mania with a Sandow loss. Since Sandow’s MITB cash in was a loss I am now hoping for the opposite. Now Cena has the belt hopefully it will create a slow build & eventually an awesome feud between the two, which will result in Sandow vs Cena at Mania with a Sandow win. Besides Sandow is your uncrowned champion. This is based of course on “If” Cena can work that long. Cena’s already hurting, so the chances (despite what corporate or creative wants) may be Cena drops the belt sooner than they plan or expected.

    • Jbreed

      It sounds like a good idea but I’m sure the WWE wants Cena to face a high profile opponent at WM 30 and I doubt they see Damien Sandow as one.

      • Mr. Creative

        The way they been unfortunately booking Sandow of recent I would have to agree with you.

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