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John Cena Months Ahead Of Schedule On Rehabbing Shoulder

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The injury bug struck WWE bad the past 12 months, with John Cena being the biggest blow. Cena is inching to return to WWE, but he’s coming off major shoulder surgery and turns 39 years old today; making him one of the older wrestlers on the roster.

“It’s been two and a half months since the surgery and 107 rehab visits so far, and I’m already doing things they said would take nine months,” said Cena to Rolling Stones. I was antsy on Day Four. Being away from the product just makes me want it even more. Sure, OK, it’s very easy to get too caught up. And not to mention the blur between real and not. I mean, anyone who brings up the word ‘fake’ with me is truly ignorant of what we do. We entertain. We’re TV that develops right in front of you as it happens. People think we are who they see. That’s kind of true, but not. I mean, we’re as real as fake can get. Like, I’m Superman, but I’m not. Although a lot of people in the business don’t know when to turn the switch off, I do, and I’m John.”

Cena took time off in late October to film TV’s American Grit. He returned for a few weeks at the end of 2015, before leaving again to get the required surgery. He made a surprise appearance at WrestleMania 32 by helping The Rock against the Wyatt Family.

In total Cena’s held 24 titles under the WWE name and is a 15-time world champion (one behind all-time leader Ric Flair).

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