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John Cena No Longer the Top Merchandise Seller

According to reports, a memo was sent to WWE staffers this week listed the top 10 merchandise sellers, and John Cena has been replaced for the first time in several years as the number one seller. The new number one? CM Punk.

According to the memo, Punk is the number one merchandise selling WWE Superstar both on WWE Shop Zone and at the live events. The only time Cena was not number one was when The Rock returned to WWE Monday Night Raw, and his t-shirts sold a record number on ShopZone.

According to a key source in WWE, two of Punk’s shirts have already eclipsed the Rock’s one-day sales record. “Punk’s merchandise is hot,” our source told us, “no one has dethroned Cena in over 5 years, and Punk’s numbers are way above anything or anyone else.”

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  • Jake

    It was going to happen, now he's lossing popularity.

  • SnakeLestat28

    I'm also a John Cena hater, but lately he's been impressing me on his ring work I actually like his abilities now. On added note, I noticed he paired his body size closely to Alberto making them a legit match rather than a mismatch, Punk is flyer and technical so he is exemption.

    This will be a great opportunity to turn Cena heel, something that should happen during the Nexus story arc only if Mcmahon is not so concerned about profits.

  • tyson

    cena merchandise is not numba one, do i sense a heel turn happening

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